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In this article, I have explained from where you can download AdventureWorks sample database and congifure it to use in local SQL server database. Basically, we will be restoring the AdventureWorks sample database in our local SQL server.

Step 1: Download AdventureWorks database

Sql Movie Database Download

So, this is our first step to download complete sample database of AdventureWorks, there are many SQL server versions of the sample database.

You can download .bak file of your preferred version.

I will be downloading AdventureWorks2016.bak for this tutorial. It is around 46.7Mb in Size.

Other versions are

AdventureWorks2016_EXT.bak (883MB) This is an extended version of AdventureWorks, designed to showcase SQL Server 2016 features

Once you have downloaded it, open the 'Downloads' Folders (Where file is downloaded) and copy/paste it in root folder of D: or E: Drive, basically we are doing this, so we don't get any error related to protection rights.

Step 2: Open your SQL server Management Studio and Restore .bak file

Once you have downloaded the above file, open your local SQL server Management Studio, using which we will be restoring the above downloaded .bak file.

Wise owl movie database download

Now, right-click on 'Databases' and Select 'Restore Database'

From the new pop-up, select 'Device'-> 'Browse' -> 'Add' ( From new pop-up)

Sql Movie Database Download

Click on 'Add'-> Navigate to 'E:AdventureWorks.bak' and Select it, Click 'Ok' and the again click 'Ok'

Once the restore is ready, you will screen like below

Click OK and Database will be restored completely.

Note: If your SQL server version is lower than AdventureWorks Sample database version, it will throw error. For example if you are trying to install AdventureWorks2017.bak on SQL server 2016 or 2012 then you will get error and you will not be able to restore it. To Check your SQL server version check here

Here is the Gif Image of complete process

Add Sample database using .BAK and T-SQL

If you don't want to use above GUI method, you can directly run the T-SQL query

Suppose, your AdventuraWorks.bak file is located in 'E:', then your SQL query would be as below

If you are getting error when executing above command like below

then you need to try to find the location of .mdf and .ldf file, so execute the below command

You will get location of .mdf and .ldf with logical names, use them as below

Sql Database Download

then, executing the above command will work and it will restore AdventureWorks2016.bak file.

Sql Movie Database Download Free

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