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This is a responsive one page HTML5 template coming with the latest designs and contains features like. 365 Multi Page Website Templates Free Download. Create professional-looking brochures, flyers, newsletters, cards & more with LayoutReady templates for Microsoft Publisher. Download free templates. Best free website templates download. Pixel Blogger Template Free Download – Colorlib Pixel Blogger Template is designed and developed for news &. Free download microsoft office publisher online Files at Software Informer. Microsoft Office Publisher is a program that helps you to create, personalize and distribute professional-quality. For those who are looking for publisher websites templates to make simple websites, the templates in this list could help you.

For many bloggers, Microsoft products would have played a significant role in the initial stage. One of the most commonly used tools is MS Word and Microsoft Publisher. The biggest advantage of Microsoft Publisher is you can do more comprehensive template editing. Plus, the text editing features are far better when compared to the MS Word. The “Publish To Web” option helps users to publish their articles on their website with a push of a button. Once you setup the server connection, with a single click, you can post the article on your website.

Because of its comprehensive layout editing options, the Publisher tool is also used to create some simple web pages. For beginners, the MS Publisher tool would do the job. But, for more precise results, it is always recommended to use HTML editors for web designing. For those who are looking for publisher websites templates to make simple websites, the templates in this list could help you.

In the Office 365 subscription plan, you get a better-equipped publisher tool. But still, the exported HTML version of the Publisher tool won’t meet the industry standards. If you are familiar with the HTML code, you can use the Microsoft Expression web tool.

You can easily open HTML files in the Publisher tool. The latest version of the Publisher can pretty much handle all types of HTML and Bootstrap template. All publisher websites templates in this list meet the industry code standard standards. You can use these templates to make your dream website with good code quality. Still, it is recommended to review the code after using it one the Publisher tool and using it on your website.


Publisher websites templates are mostly used for making blogs. If you are also searching for a good-quality publisher website template to make a stunning blog, the Content is the best option for you. The clean layout with beautiful fonts will make the reading experience a delight for the users. Single blog post pages are also designed carefully, just like the homepage. A floating email subscription widget is given on this template to improve the email subscription rate. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework, it can effortlessly handle any modern tools and plugins.


As the name implies, ConsultingBiz is a consulting business service website template. What makes this template one of the best publisher websites templates is its bold and simple layout. The creator has used only limited elements and given lots of space between each element to make the interaction easier; this free nature of this template’s design makes the editing easier on the Publisher tool. Once you load this template into the Publisher, you can straightaway start editing the template. If you are wondering whether the code script of this template is also simple like its design, yes, it is. In fact, the code script is kept as minimal as possible to let developers easily build their custom website.


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Tough is a slightly unique publisher website template. Most publisher website templates have a very simple layout, but this one has slightly different elements in it to make the interactions easier. For example, you get vertical tabs to group all related information in one place. Plus, the vertical tab blends neatly in this template’s image-rich layout. You can notice many subtle animations throughout the template. If you are familiar with the CSS script, you can customize the animations as per your requirements.


Ave is one of the best-selling and value for your money publisher websites templates. More than 20 demo variations are given in this template pack. Different layouts are followed in each demo and are made for different business websites. Some demos use fluid animation effects and scroll effects. Trendy looking fonts are used in the default design. If you want to try some other style for your texts, you can use any fonts in this template. Plenty of space for videos, images, and icons are given in this template. Using the Publisher tool, you can easily edit the images and icons. When you export the template from Publisher to HTML, all the photos will also be added to the HTML file, which makes the file bigger. Based on your needs, you can change the export settings.


Mitech is an HTML5 website template for IT solutions and services websites. The creator has maintained a clean and friendly design in all demos since it is a service website template. All crucial information is moved to the top half of the page so that users don’t have to scroll a lot. Plus, the smooth animations make the interaction even easier. This template pack has six demo versions and all basic inner pages pre-designed for you. All demos have a properly written code structure. Hence, you can load them easily on Microsoft Publishers and work with it easily.


MegaOne is a multipurpose HTML website template with more than 80 pre-made demos. The creator has covered all major niches in this template pack. Whether you want a simple design or a colorful, sophisticated design, this theme pack will have a design for you. To make your job even simpler, this pack has both one-page and multi-page demos. Most of the design burdens are already taken care of by the creator itself. All these features make MegaOne as one of the best publisher websites templates. With no worries, you can concentrate on the custom needs and make your dream website in no time.


Trydo is the best option If you want to create a trendy creative agency website with Publisher. The creator has given lots of text space and image spaces in the default design. Since the Publisher tool can easily handle texts and images, you can easily edit this template as per your needs. Both creative agency business websites and creative professional personal website templates are there in this pack. Each demo uses a different layout to deliver a friendly experience to the users. Being a creative agency website template, it has beautiful portfolio pages along with other basic inner pages. Use the demo link below to see all the designs.


The Brook website template has tons of trendy and colorful layouts. Both simple and highly animated templates are given in this pack. As I said at the beginning of the article, Microsoft has stripped lots of web building capabilities; Handling style sheets is one of them. Style sheets can still be edited, but it will be twice your work. To make your job simple, better choose simple publisher websites templates in this pack. Colorful grid-style designs and contemporary style layouts are there in this template. Using the publisher tool, you can easily edit the layouts and text designs. Pre-made templates are given for different niches like food, corporate, and blogging. Plenty of space is provided for images; hence, adding images won’t be a tough job.


Wexim is a simple, elegant, and easy to use one-page website template. The neat layouts in this template pack can be handled easily in the Publisher tool. 50+ demo variations are given in this pack, and all of them are one-page layouts. If you are particularly interested in one-page publisher websites templates, this one will satisfy your needs. Handling links is a breeze on the publisher tool. It is as simple as adding links on Microsoft Word. Images and texts are handled smartly in this template. All you have to do is to replace the existing image with your images.

Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can also handle videos as well. Along with the business website template, this template also has designs for personal websites. If you are on a tight budget and want the same premium quality design for free, take a look at our free one-page website templates collection.


Joo is another multipurpose website template in this list. This one is a multi-page website template, but you can make it as a one-page website template as well. Ultra-clean professional-looking layouts are given in this template. Hence, handling this template will be an easy job for the users. An ample amount of space is provided between each element and sections, which makes the interactions more natural. Coming-soon pages and landing pages are also included in this pack along with the Publisher websites templates. For more optimized sales-boosting landing page designs, take a look at our free landing page design collection. Very mild and simple animation effects are used in this template. Even people with basic HTML knowledge can easily handle the animations in this template.


Landrick is a clean and elegant looking website template for modern businesses. The creator has given designs for all types of websites. Even you get an RTL website layout in this template to satisfy all kinds of users. Bright colors and clean layout give a fresh look to the website. The texts are designed smartly to highlight and show the critical points in the default design itself. Using publisher websites templates with such neat typography design will make your job simple. All you have to do is to concentrate on the website content. Drop-down menu options and colorful tags are given to neatly organize the content.

Just like the homepage designs, the inner page designs are also made simple and neat. Right from the login page to the 404 error page, everything is given in this template. If you like to make the login page easier to interact on both computer and mobile devices, take a look at our bootstrap login page templates design.


Trax is also a multipurpose website template pack with multiple-demos. This template is from the creators of the Wexim template mentioned above. Hence, you can expect the same level of design and code quality in this template as well. In this template, the creator has added multi-page designs as well. Based on your need, you can either go for the one-page design or the multi-page design. 40+ demo variations are given in this template, and all of them follow a simple, neat design. Attractive yet straightforward hover effects are used in this template. Because of this simplistic design approach, this template can be used for all types of websites. Color schemes are also handled smartly throughout the site. Hence, you can easily edit and use this template for your website.


One of the most popular reasons for using the Publisher tool is to design resumes, cards, and marketing materials. The Arlo template has designs for portfolio, resumes, and for a simple personal website. All the elements used in this template are easy to handle. Re-designing and using this template can be done easily by all types of audiences. Mostly Google fonts are used in this template. You get a wide range of fully optimized text styles in Google fonts for free. Choose the font that clearly expresses your message and use it on your website. Out of the box, this template is cross-browser compatible and mobile optimized. Once you are done with your Publisher tool editing, check the code once again before publishing it on your website.


If you want publisher websites templates with a practical design, this template will impress you. This template has six demo variations, and all six of the use a full-width layout. There is plenty of place for you in all the homepage variations. Plus, on the inner pages, also you get an ample amount of space. Along with the regular pages, this template also has shopping pages and portfolio pages. If you are interested in making online stores, take a look at our free shopping website templates collection. This template is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. By default, the Bootstrap 4 templates are very flexible and can easily fit in all types of screen sizes. By making a few changes to the design, you can use this template for all kinds of business websites.


Dynamic website lovers will find this template very attractive. Because this template is available in both HTML and Angular JS versions. If you want to include lots of dynamic elements on your website, it is better to go with the Angular JS version. Since we are talking about publisher websites templates in this list, let’s stick with the HTML version alone.

Eleven colorful demo variations are given in this template. The creator of this template has handled the modern colors and gradient color schemes beautifully. As a result, we get visually striking website designs in this template. On the inner pages also, the creator has managed to bring the vibrant colors. Instead of using the parallel sectioning designs, this template used some organic shapes. Since the latest Publisher version can handle the modern geometric forms, these templates can be edited easily.

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ARTEM is a simple and minimalistic website template for creative agencies. Three demo variations are given in this template, and all three of them are available in both light and dark skin versions. A dynamic mouse pointer design is used in this template to give an engaging experience. The smart mouse pointer guides the user clearly throughout the website and makes the navigation easier on the computer. Mobile users still get the familiar scroll interface and hamburger menu design. The only thing you have to keep in mind before using this template is it has only image sliders on the homepage. This template doesn’t have a regular homepage design. Still, you get inner pages pre-designed for you. If you specifically need this type of homepage layout, this template will meet your needs.


BeTheme is one of the best selling HTML website templates and a WordPress theme as well. If you want a ready to use website template with all the features pre-integrated for you, choose the WordPress version. If your requirements are less, the HTML version would satisfy your needs. The best thing about the BeTheme is all the demo variations and designs are available in both WordPress and HTML versions. Nearly 450+ demo variations are given in this pack. Designs are provided for almost all types of business websites and personal websites. The creator has followed the code standards, followed by all the professional developers. Hence, your site would perform better.


Flat styles are still not that old and are yet followed in many popular websites. The simplicity and the ease to use the flat style layout in all types of editors makes it one of the go-to option for many users. Five homepage variations are given in this template, but only the section on the homepage changes. Both boxed and full-width layouts are given in this template. Boxed layouts not only easily fit in all types of small-screen devices but also gives a tidy look. To make customizations more manageable, the creator has given shortcode options. When you need an element, you can simply paste the HTML code in the corresponding page. Along with the primary web pages, this template also gives you shopping page designs. Overall the Centum is one of the best easy to handle publisher websites templates.


Haswell is a simple and elegant business website template. The creator of this template has given you design for both multi-page and one-page websites. Plenty of HTML elements and web pages are given in this template. Hence, making a proper website won’t be an issue with this template. 40+ demo variations are presented in this pack, and all of them follow a minimalistic design. On the pristine clean layout, the texts are easy to read, and the images look attractive. To add life to this minimalistic design, the creator has used subtle animation effects. Simple animation effects are used maintained throughout all the pages so that you get a professional-looking website. Take a look at our CSS animation example collection for more inspirations.


Definity is also a minimal website template like the Haswell template mentioned above. But this one has a more contemporary style design when compared to the Hawell’s classy design. Animation effects are appealing and blend well with the minimal layout of this template. The creator has used the typography designs effectively to give a fresh look to the website. Modern fonts are used to smartly enhance typography design. Since this template is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, you can use any contemporary fonts without any issue. Right from HTML forms to tables, everything is pre-designed for you in this template. If you use lots of tables on your website, take a look at our CSS tables design collection for user-friendly table designs.

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Polo is one of the best affordable publisher websites templates in this list. The creator has given you more than 200 demo variations in this pack. Like the BeTheme template mentioned above, this one also covers almost all niches. You can create nearly any type of website using this template. Another advantage of using templates with a massive number of demo variations if you not only get different layouts, but you also get lots of elements. You can easily pick the styles and also elements you like to create an attractive website in no time. The simple code structure of this template will help you easily edit the template on the Publisher tool.


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The Pofo template is designed purely for creative agencies. The creator has given a wide range of styles in this template pack. You can either choose to be simple, or you can make your website creative and engaging. Nearly 30 demo variations are given in this template pack, and all of them have a well-written codebase. The flexible code structure makes customizations easier on both HTML editors and tools like the Microsoft Publisher. Images and text spaces are balanced in all the demo variations so you can clearly explain your business and services to the audience.


StoryHub is an interactive and dynamic blog website template. The creator of this template has blog designs for all types of websites. You can use these blog layouts for business websites and also for personal blogs. Another unique feature in this blog template is it supports React JS, hence dynamic elements can be designed easily. Blog templates like this not only display your content neatly but also improve user engagements. If you have developers, this template will help you make a beautiful reader-friendly blog. Useful blog features like the Disqus comment system and pre-integrated MailChimp forms. Speaking of MailChimp, check out our MailChimp email templates collection to run a successful email campaign.


As the name implies, this template is designed for creative startups. Smartly designed layouts let you clearly explain how your ideas are changing the industry. To attract young entrepreneurs, the creator has used fresh and exciting layouts in this template. Right from the homepage to the user account page, everything is pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to take care of the editing part and add your content. Organic shapes and cool color schemes made this template stand out from other startup website templates. If you are using your website as the main window to attract new users, templates like this will be the right choice.

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Microsoft Publisher Website Templates

Canvas is one of the best-selling HTML templates in the market. Niche based demos and thoughtfully designed webpages make this template sell more. All the elements and sections are pre-designed for you. Plus, it supports shortcode features out of the box. When you need an element on your web page, simply copy and paste the shortcode on the HTML editor. As said before, this template has demos for all popular niche. Even if you don’t find a design for your business website, pick the template you like, and edit it as per your needs.