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  1. Product Cost And Pricing Spreadsheet
  2. Microsoft Word Price List Template
  3. Free Price List Template Word
  4. Free Editable Price List Template
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  • Looking for price list template? Here are tons of samples you can get right away. One-Click Download. Easy to Edit & Print. Updated for 2021.

A price list template is an important document of business field which is required by numerous people to prepare a record of price for all items, services, goods or products. It is an arrangement of items available in stores or shops for sale. This Product Price List Template for Excel contains one table where you can list down all your product details. Take advantage of fast, easy, and free pricing sheet templates for business and personal use. ‌ Download Retail Price List Template — Excel.

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  • Product Catalog Builder Product Catalog Builder is a powerful tool for creating
  • Excel Gantt Chart Template Deluxe Excel Gantt Chart Template - Create Gantt Charts in Excel
  • A-PDF To Excel A-PDF to Excel is a fast, affordable way to extract and
  • Business Suite All modules include the following functions: * store all
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Here is a collection of free Excel templates. Every template has a brief description along with the download link. If you want to learn more about the templates, click on the read more link.

This section is updated frequently with new Excel Templates.

FREE Excel Templates

Below is the category of Excel templates available for download.


Product Cost And Pricing Spreadsheet

This section has some useful personal productivity Excel templates.

You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Excel To Do List Template (Printable)

Here is a simple excel template where you can fill the tasks and take a print-out. If you prefer writing the tasks yourselves, simply print it first and then fill in the tasks.

Excel To Do List Template (Drop Down List)

Use this Excel Template to jot down all the TO DO list items and then mark it as completed by simply selecting it from the drop-down. The completed tasks get checked off and highlighted in green.

Excel To Do List Template (with Check Boxes)

Use this Excel Template to jot down all the TO DO list items and then mark it as completed by checking the box for that item. The completed tasks get checked off and highlighted in green.

Task Matrix Productivity Template

This Excel template is inspired by the highly successful technique – Eisenhower Decision Matrix (popularized by Stephen Covey in his book 7 habits of highly effective people).

This is a simple and easy to use Excel Template that will help you prioritize work and increase productivity.

It helps you divide tasks into categories based on Importance and Urgency.

Read more about the Excel Task Matrix Template Watch Video

Shared Expense Calculator Template

This template can be used to calculate ‘who owes whom’, when the incurred expenses are shared by many people (for example, sharing apartment expenses or vacation/trip expenses).

Simply enter the expense incurred by different people and it automatically gives you the summary.

Calendar Integrated with To Do List Template

A calendar template that also doubles as your To-do list template. Simply double click on a date and enter the to-do task list (as shown above).

The list is stored for each date and reflected in the calendar. You can also get to see the list of all the task in the month by clicking on ‘Show Monthly Tasks List’.

This Excel template is created using Excel functions and VBA.

Vacation Itinerary Template

Use this Vacation Itinerary Template to have all the details in one place (such as flight/travel details, hotel details, and activities/meetings details).

It’s an editable template and you can fill the details in Excel, or can take a printout and fill it.

Vacation Packing List Template

This free Excel template will help you be more efficient while you pack for your next vacation/trip.

You can either use the template in Excel or can take a print out and manually cross off items that you have packed. It’s an editable file so you can add/delete items based on the nature of your trip.

If you are using this template as an Excel workbook, you can simply mark the items as packed by double clicking on the cell to the left of the item name. As soon as you do that, the item gets a check mark on the left and gets shaded in green color.


This section has some useful project management templates. These are ready to use templates that you can download and start using.

Microsoft Word Price List Template

With most of the Excel templates, you will also find links to the tutorials on how these have been created.

You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Employee Leave Tracker Template

A ready-to-use Excel template to keep a track of employee leaves.

This template has the built-in functionality to select the working and non-working days. It automatically accounts for specified holidays as well.

Highly recommended projected management tool.

Excel Timesheet Calculator Template

A timesheet calculator template that will calculate the total number of regular and overtime hours and the total payout based on in time and out time.

Available in 3 formats – weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

When printed, it fits perfectly on a single page.

Milestone Chart Template

Use this milestone chart Excel template to depict project scope and timelines/milestones.

Just specify the milestones along with the date, and it automatically builds out the chart for you. Highly recommended for project management.

Read more about this Excel Template Watch Video

Pareto Chart Template

Remember the Law of Vital Few (better known as the 80/20 rule or Pareto Rule).

Here is an Excel template you can use to quickly create a Pareto chart in Excel.

To make it even better, there is a dynamic version of the chart as well.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart is a simple yet powerful tool to create a schedule or track progress.

Here is a free Excel template that Batman used to get his Batsuit ready 😉

To make it even better, there is a dynamic version of the chart as well.

Excel Thermometer Chart Template

A Thermometer chart is a good way to show target and actual values in a dashboard.

Just specify the target and actual value and it automatically depicts it in the thermometer chart.


This section has some additional useful Excel templates that you can use for personal/professional work.


You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Excel Calendar Template

This calendar template has two different set of calendars – Monthly calendar and Yearly calendar.

It updates automatically when you update the year (in the yearly calendar template) or Month & Year (in the monthly calendar template). The calendar is built in a way that you can easily take a print and will fit in a single page.

Excel Holiday Template

This Excel template will give you all the national US holidays for the selected year.

Even better, it tells you the number of days to the next holiday and the long weekend.

Random Group Generator Template

This Excel template will help you quickly create random groups of people/items.

You can use it if you’re a teacher and want to create a random group of students or if you want to create random groups of employees/team-members.

This template uses some basic Excel formulas and VBA.

Excel Stopwatch Template

Here is an excel template that has a stopwatch in it.

It has the options to start, stop and reset the timings. It also automatically records the timings as soon as you hit the reset key.

It has been customized for a ToastMasters kind of meeting where the speeches are timed and the speaker is shown a green card after 1 minute, a yellow card after 1.5 minutes, and a red card after 2 minutes.

Excel Age Calculator Template

Free Price List Template Word

Download this Free Age Calculator Template in Excel.

You can specify the Date of Birth and it automatically calculates the total age till date (using the current date). You can also change the current date to any date and it will calculate the time elapsed in the given time interval.

Free Editable Price List Template

This Excel template can also be used to calculate service tenure or the duration of a project.

Excel Invoice Generator Template

You can use this Invoice Generator template to instantly create and save invoice as PDF (or Excel files). All you need to do is double click on the name of the client and it automatically creates an invoice for it, converts it into a PDF, and saves it in the specified folder in seconds.

Using this template, you can generate hundreds of invoices in a few minutes.

Military Alphabet Code Generator Template

‘A’ as in Alpha, ‘B’ as in Bravo, ‘C’ as in Charlie… Heard this before?

These are called the military alphabet codes. It is often used during telephonic conversations to communicate the name, address, or email address.

Here is a template that will automatically generate the military alphabet code for you as soon as you enter a word

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