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While Prezi has a Basic Plan that is free, if you want to download the software and create presentations offline you will need to sign up for one of its premium plans. The good news is with a 7-day free trial (sometimes it’s extended to 14-days), you can create your presentation and cancel the subscription before you’re ever charged.

Prezi Presentation Free Download

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Is Prezi Desktop Free? There is a free version of the software that offers limited features that can be used by any one at any time. This offers users the basics of the software and allows users to create as well as share and store impressive looking presentations online so that they can be viewed by other people. By using Prezi Pro Full Version you have the possibility to add object animations. Direct Download Prezi Pro With Crack Free Download! Prezi Desktop Crack is the world best web based designing softwrae with the advance availability of templates for your presentation media.Prezi Desktop performs multi-functions like presentation making. By the end of the course, you should be able to: Access Prezi account online Create a new Prezi, either using a preset template or a blank template Customise your Prezi Create frames with information Insert different media into your Prezi Add paths to create animation Share or download your Prezi 2. In the top, right hand corner, click on Get.

How to Download Prezi For Free (Credit Card or PayPal Required)

Is Prezi Free To Download For Computer

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar to get the latest version of Prezi Next.
  2. You will need a Prezi account to download the app.
  3. If you already have a Prezi account, log in and the download will start automatically.
  4. If you don’t have an account, create one now, and make sure to register at the Plus level or above.
  5. You will need to enter your credit card or PayPal information, but don’t worry – you will not get charged as long as you cancel the account before the trial period ends.
  6. Once your account is ready, the download will begin.
  7. After the download is complete, click on the file and run the installation program.
  8. When the installation is complete, log in to your account and start creating your presentations.

How to Cancel Your Prezi Subscription

If you’re only planning on using Prezi for a short time, I recommend that you cancel the subscription right after you complete the purchase. The account will stay active until the next billing cycle, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel the subscription.

  1. Click on your avatar or name on the top right corner of the page and click on the Account Setting link.
  2. Click Cancel Subscription.
  3. Prezi will then ask you a few times to confirm that you really want to cancel the subscription, continue to agree to cancel until you’ve received confirmation the account is canceled. You will still be able to use Prezi until the free trial period ends.

How to Uninstall Prezi

If Prezi isn’t the right presentation tool for you, or your free trial has ended, check out the free alternatives below. You can completely remove Prezi Next from your computer in 3 simple steps.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar.
  2. Scroll down the list of applications until you find Prezi Next and click Uninstall.
  3. Prezi Next will be completely removed from your computer.

Prezi Overview

If you’re looking to create beautiful presentations that don’t have the dated corporate look of PowerPoint, Prezi is for you. Instead of presenting a slide show, your presentation will be displayed on an animated canvas that moves along the path you create. It uses a zoom in and out style to highlight the section of the presentation you’re presenting.

Easy To Use

Creating an animated presentation may sound intimidating, but in reality, the software is very easy to use. Start off by choosing from the hundreds of templates or work with a blank canvas. Then, create your presentation path and add in the text, images, and videos to your Prezi. Each new section will mark a new spot along your presentation path. The Prezi will zoom in and out of each section, and your presentation will look like it was created by a professional.

Collaborate with Others

Sharing a Prezi is really simple. All the work is saved to the cloud, which means instead of uploading a large file, you can just send a link. If you want, you can give others access to edit the Prezi. You’ll be able to see who is currently viewing or editing your Prezi because the other users’ initials will appear on the side of the section they are working on.

Prezi Video

If public speaking or giving presentations is something you’d rather avoid, Prezi Video can be helpful. Use your webcam to record the spoken part of your presentation and then use the editing tools to sync it up with the Prezi display. This feature can use some improvements as the editing tools for the video are pretty limited.

Alternatives to Prezi

  • PowerPoint: Much like Prezi, if you want to use PowerPoint for free, you will need to take advantage of the free 30-day trial (check out my guide for getting PowerPoint for free here). With hundreds of templates, animations, and transitions, it’s very easy to create a professional-looking presentation with PowerPoint.
  • Google Slides: While there is no option to download Google Slides, as long as you have a Google account and an internet connection you can use this tool to create presentations. Google Slides doesn’t have as many template options as PowerPoint or Prezi, but it’s very easy to use. Slides is also compatible with PowerPoint — so you can open, edit, and collaborate on any project.


?Is there a free version of Prezi?

Yes, Prezi Basic is 100% free, although it’s very limited. You will be able to create and share presentations and even use the Prezi cloud storage. However, it’s strictly an online subscription and you won’t be able to download the software or your presentation.

?Can I import PowerPoint slides to Prezi?

Yes. Prezi makes it easy to upload PowerPoint slides to your Prezi presentation. Just click on the Convert PowerPoint button and you’ll be able to add PowerPoint slides to your Prezi presentation.

?Can I download a Prezi presentation?

You can only download Prezis that are created on the desktop app. To do this, you will need a Plus subscription or higher. When the Prezi is completed, click on the 3 dots on the presentation’s thumbnail and then click on the Download button on the panel on the right side.

?Can I download Prezi Classic?

Prezi Classic is an older version of Prezi that is still available for download on the Prezi website. Unfortunately, you can’t create a new Prezi classic account. The only people who can use it must have an account that was created before April 2017.

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Making a Presentation is hard work, so we wanted to make it a bit easier for you!
Enjoy our collection of Free Prezi templates that you can use to jump-start your next presentation.
Let us handle the design part, so you won’t have to waste your time!

Interactive Media Prezi

A media and technology related template with a multimedia display screen. A great Prezi suitable for any presentation topic.

Circle Diagram Template

Download Prezi Desktop from official sites for free using Additional information about license you can found on owners sites. How do I access the free Prezi Desktop download for PC? Just click the free Prezi Desktop download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to. Prezi Pro Crack Full Version Free Download 2018. Prezi 6.26 Crack is an alternative tool for them who use Microsoft PowerPoint. This tool will provide you most flashing tool for creating new presentation for university and college. The latest version will help you in your business for creating invoices and other business detail.

Get creative with colors! A multipurpose Prezi Next template with a colorful circle diagram on a dark world map background.

Prezi Business Overview

Want people to learn about your company? Use this urban themed Prezi template for introducing your business or organization.

The Future Template

Use this free Prezi Next template for presenting about new technology solutions or talk about virtual and augmented reality.

Prezi Mind Map

Ready to create a mind map? There’s no better way than using this Free Prezi template with a classic and colorful hive design.

Prezi Calendar Timeline

Use this Free Prezi template for introducing your plans and projects. Make a custom timeline Prezi with this calendar template.

Solve the Puzzle

Is something puzzling your mind? A free template for Prezi Next featuring a 3D puzzle wall and a man carrying a large puzzle piece.

Prezi Line Chart

Use this free Prezi Next template for building a custom line chart and turn boring numbers into a visually engaging presentation.

Prezi Bar Graph

Use this free Prezi Next template for building a unique bar graph with colorful squares forming columns on a 3D grid background.

World Map Prezi

The world is a small place, so here’s a minimal world map Prezi template for zooming and presenting your ideas on a large scale.

Medical Screen Template

Use this free Prezi Next template for talking about healthcare, hospital or any other medical related topic or business.

Prezi Next CV

Showcase your skills, talents and impress your future boss with a creative online CV presentation made in Prezi Next.

Climb to Success

BEST REUSABLE PREZI DESIGN in the Prezi Awards 2015 competition. A creative 3D business graph free prezi template with business people silhouettes climbing.

A Few Things About Me

Prezi Template for a Prezume (CV, Prezi resume) presentation. Present about yourself: education, hobbies, work, things you love or hate

Creative Cubes Free 3D

A simple yet very powerful free Prezi Template with just 1 design element: A single 3D cube: create endless designs concepts.

Free Workflow Prezi Template

Free Prezi template for creating a workflow related presentation. Describe a process and the necessary steps. Includes various blue shapes that you can combine.

3D Modular Prezi Template

Free prezi template with a modular concept. 3D white cubes on a blue gradient background. Simple, clean and professional-looking template.

Free World Map Prezi Template

Free Prezi Template with a world map. Countries separated with a white line. 100% vector and zoomable graphics. Use markers and lines to add details.

Blue Circles Prezi Template

Blue Circles is a simple Prezi Template with a blue bokeh effect background. Duplicate, delete or rearrange the circles and create a unique layout. 13 frames already added to speed up your work.

3D Magnet Prezi Template

Free Prezi template with a magnet concept. Introduce your topic and list the pros and cons which are drawn by a magnet. Rearrange elements and create your own unique layout.

Free CV Resume Template

A free Prezi Resume template for self promotion. Your classical paper CV is presented on a wooden desk with papers, pen and cup of coffee. Move the elements and make a unique layout.

Angry Birds Prezi Template

Complete Prezi template with the Angry Birds theme. Add your text or images anywhere. Reveal extra info on the level complete screen that fades in in the end with an animation.

3D Atom Prezi Template

3D remake of the free atom Prezi Template. Includes an atom image and a 3D background Add your content inside the circular blue frames. Duplicate the frames to add more placeholders

Healthy Life Prezi Template

Present all the elements of a healthy life. A white plate is divided into 4 colorful pieces that can be used to visualize different ingredients of a healthy life. Add your own icons or images

Free Halloween Prezi Template

Free Halloween Prezi Template for sending your greetings or scaring your friends? Includes a witch and other horror elements on orange sky and moon background.

Christmas Card Free Prezi

Send a Christmas eCard to your friends. Christmas related icons forming a tree shape. Customize text, add your own images and logo.

Free Valentines Template

Time to show some love with a very simple and minimalistic free Valentine’s Day Prezi Template with a big heart and wings formed from small red hearts.

Build Your Ideas Prezi

A free Prezi template with a “Build Your Ideas” concept. A good presentation template for demonstrating how you formulate your ideas. Includes construction visuals.

Piece of the Puzzle

Prezi Template with Puzzle Pieces concept. Zoom in and add your content anywhere. Combine the pieces and create a unique layout.

Around the World

A 3D earth concept with various elements for your story. Zoom and add your own content or graphics anywhere in the Prezi.

Valentine’s Day Prezi Template

A funny Valentine’s day Prezi Template with a 3D design. Surprise your Valentine and add your own message!

3D Frames Prezi Template

A minimalistic 3D Prezi Template colorful 3D frames on a world map background. Customize the layout and add as many frames as needed.

Prezi Door to Success

A motivational Prezi Template for presenting the way to success. An open door and light shining through. Zoom in and reveal a sky background.


Climb The Mountain

How to reach the top? Show your journey and present it on a simple winter mountain background.

Creative Launch Prezi

Show to to launch a successful project. Free prezi with a mountain and winter theme background.

Prezi Success Elements

Best prezi templates

Free Prezi template with a periodic table of ideas. Present all the success elements and zoom in for the details.

Back in Time

Take your audience back time. A free timeline presentation template with a creative zoom effect..

Ideas Fly Prezi Template

Do ideas fly? Show your ideas on a simple airplane style Prezi with a creative effect on zooming in.

Hexagon Infographic

A very simple and free infographic prezi template with hexagon shapes in a circle, on a world map background.

Input Output Diagram

A minimalistic and simple input output diagram. Create a colorful flow chart with your ideas

Topic Puzzle 3D Prezi

Can you solve the cube puzzle? Illustrate your topic with a free Rubik’s cube themed Prezi Template

Business Flourish

How do you plan to grow your business? Show your plans and future visions.

Urban Infographic

A Free Prezi template with modern infographic template with a night city background and hexagon elements.

Graduation Prezi Template

A simple graduation themed Prezi template with people throwing their hats into the air.

3D Elements Prezi

Free Prezi template containing various colorful 3D geometric shapes and elements for building creative infographic Prezis.

Browse our shop for some Premium Prezi Templates. With our collection of 1000+ templates
you’ll be sure to find a template to fit your needs! If you need a custom-made Prezi Template, do not hesitate to contact us
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This a collection of the best free templates designed by To view the full list of all available free templates visit our shop archive page. For presenting with a free template you will need to create an account on (NB! Prezibase is not affiliated with, we are independent designers). All our templates can also be used with the Free and Public Prezi account type which can be created on this page. With a free account, all Prezi presentation will be public, and they can be edited and presented online.
With the free license you can also download the 30 free trial version of Prezi Desktop, which means you can edit your presentation offline without internet and also export your presentation for example onto a USB stick. (all this can also be done with the online editor version). Interested in the old free & reusable Prezi Classic templates that come with Prezi online editor? View a full list of all Free Prezi Templates published by developers.

Check out this blog post for some our bestCreative Presentation Templates which includes a list of our best 25 Prezi Next templates. You can also find additional free Prezi Next templates from the collection published by Many of these templates are also designed by Prezibase.

Will These Work with Prezi Classic or Next?

All of the above Prezi Templates will open in the new Prezi Next presentation software. Originally these were Prezi Classic templates, but have now been converted into Prezi Next. If you specifically need the Prezi Classic version (why would you? all Classic functionality is now also in Prezi next 😊 ) then contact us and we can share the original Classic version to your account. NB: the new Prezi version is not called Next anymore, but simply Prezi Present.

Free Prezi Templates For Students

Using Prezibase Classic Templates with Prezi Next?

Prezi launched a new presentation software called Prezi Next on the 25th of April 2017. The old version is now called Prezi Classic and most of our free templates have been designed for the Classic version. If your Prezi account was created before the 25th of April, then you will automatically have access to both versions of Prezi. You can easily use all of our templates. There is currently no date set in the future when and even if, Prezi Classic will be dropped. Obviously it was loved by more than 80 million people, so it cannot be simply dropped. Read our article about Prezi Next here.

Update December 2020: All Prezi users should now have access to a Free Conversion tool, which allows you to convert all Classic presentations into the new Prezi Next format in just 1 click.

How Can Prezibase Templates Help You?

Every presentation is unique and requires a specific concept. Our large collections of Prezi templates helps you find a perfect theme for your presentation topic so you can visualize your ideas better. Using a strong visual concept makes your content more memorable and easily understable. Don’t just take our word for it:

“You had just the right background for my presentation. The background created the right atmosphere and it was perfect for the topic I was discussing. I loved it was easy to use and worked seamlessly with the information I entered.” Chris, Pennsylvania 5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I am delighted with your Prezibase templates! Also my audience was very positive. I used the brain mind with the turning cogs to ‘preach’ about the overwhelming clutter that bombards people nowadays and that requires a specific approach to communicate with people. The template fortified the message of my presentation.” Jan Jongbloed, Netherlands5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Prezi is a wonderful replacement for Powerpoint slides when you must have a visual to accompany your talk/training/briefing. With very little training (a few webinars), I was able to complete a template-driven presentation very easily. The templates provide a starting point and helped me work out the mechanics of how Prezi works. “ Eliza, Atlanta 5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Free Prezi For Students

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Prezi For Presentations Free Download

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Prezi Pro 6.26 Crack Full Version Free Download 2018

Best Prezi Templates

Prezi Free Download For Pc