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A cm to feet and inches converter gives you fast numbers without the actual handwork of doing the math on paper. You can then finish your job faster and easier. Centimeter to Feet Conversion. Some larger projects like those found in the construction or engineering industry may call for you to convert centimeters to feet. 5 Inches = 12.7 Centimeters. The site was created for quickly converting inches to other popular units of measure and back. At the moment, the online calculator considers five major systems to convert the values between them in all directions. Metric System: kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, (micrometer. Inch-Pounds to Foot-Pounds Converter.

Converting inches to feet is quick and easy once you know how to do it! The basics to remember are that there are 12 inches in one foot, so you can get from inches to feet by dividing by 12.[1]

  • Let's follow along with an example problem. If we want to figure out how tall a 70 inch-tall girl is in feet, we'll start by writing down 70 inches.
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    Divide this number by twelve.[2]
  • In our example, dividing 70 inches by 12 gets us 70 / 12 = 5.83. We can also write this as 5 & 10/12 (5 & 5/6) or 5 remainder 10. See below for more information on remainders.