How Do I Download Movies Onto My Kindle Fire Hd

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Kindle Fire has a 7 inch big display which is very suitable for watching videos. Like most people, I often use Kindle Fire to watch YouTube. But it's annoying that sometimes I have to wait for the online YouTube videos buffering. So I come up with the idea of downloading the videos to the Kindle Fire beforehand. In this way I can watch the YouTube videos immediately and don't need to wait any longer.

This is a good idea but I quickly find it impossible as the YouTube doesn't provide any video downloading options – no matter you use the webpage YouTube or YouTube app. Fortunately I've found an app called FREEdi YouTube Downloader. You can use it to watch and download YouTube videos easily. Now let's start the tutorial.

1Install FREEdi YouTube Downloader on Kindle Fire

Open Kindle Fire App store and search 'freedi'. Choose 'FREEdi YouTube Downloader' and purchase. Then it will be automatically installed on your Kindle Fire. If you don't want to use the App store, click here to download the app directly then transfer it to Kindle Fire and install it with ES File Explorer.

2Download YouTube videos

Open FREEdi YouTube Downloader and you can see the latest videos in a list. The videos in FREEdi YouTube Downloader are as same as in YouTube. You can tap the menu button and choose 'Channels' to watch different kinds of videos or you can directly search any video you like.

Long tap the video you want to watch and choose 'Download As Video'. The video will start downloading and you can see the downloading progress under the video description. You can also choose one more videos at once. The downloaded videos will show 'Completed'.


If you want to download high quality video, choose 'Menu' – 'Setting' and select 'Choose video formats'. Next time you choose 'Download As Video', a window will pop up to let you select the video format (If the video uploader has provided different formats).

3Manage and watch videos

Simply set your Kindle Fire to allow the download and installation of unknown sources, and then find another App Store. Here's how you do it: Step 1: Go to Settings / Device / Allow Installation. Download New Books. From the Home screen of the Kindle, select “ Books “. Browse or search for a book. Once you select one you want, select “ Buy “. An option to “ Try a Sample ” may be available for most books. Prime members may have an option to “ Borrow for Free “.

The downloaded videos can be found at 'Menu' – 'Downloaded'. Just tap and watch them directly. You may find there is an ad floating on the screen. This is because FREEdi YouTube Downloader is a freeware. If you don't want to get annoyed by the ads, just watch the videos with Kindle Fire Gallery. Open Gallery at Apps and choose 'MicroMacro-YouTube' then you can see all the downloaded YouTube videos.

Downloading movies to kindle fire hd
  • Thanks for tutorial on how to DL and view movies on the Kindle Fire. My only question is why is it so small on the screen. When you stream from amazon it fits the whole screen, but the ones that.
  • Digiboo is a newer service that lets you download movies straight onto your device while you’re at the airport. They have Wi-Fi-enabled kiosks where you select and download movies to watch whenever you want. With the Kindle Fire, you can download videos straight from Amazon. Access Amazon Instant Video, purchase the movie or TV show while you.
  • If you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime membership and Netflix, you can download movies and TV to your Kindle Fire. For Amazon Prime, open the movie/video detail of your desired Prime title, tap the Download button. But not every Prime title can be downloaded since some movies or shows may not display the Download icon due to various reasons.

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