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Highlander: Endgame The last installment of the Highlander movie series is a brilliant blend of the original movie and the popular television characters. The story line is weaved through past history (as Highlander fans have come to expect) and picks up where the television series ended. Highlander: Endgame is a 2000 American fantasy action film directed by Doug Aarniokoski and starring Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Bruce Payne and Lisa Barbuscia. It is the fourth theatrical release in the Highlander film series and it serves as a continuation of both the Highlander film from. Is Highlander: Endgame streaming? Find out where to watch online amongst 45+ services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video. A brilliant part from Highlander Endgame: Connor vs. Jacob Kell Just look at this marvellous acting by Bruce Payne as Jacob.

Good ending to a great TV series. Some of the storylines didn’t flow well from the end of the TV series but you could chalk them up to the passing of time from the shows end.
I’ve always thought it was cool that the writers came back full circle to Conor and had him in it. I believe it a testament to Adrian Paul’s acting and expression of the Duncan character that the writers would script the TV series character to overtake the original film star.
*I strongly recommend for true Highlander fans and, well, everyone NOT to watch Highlander: The Source. Loving the original movie and the TV series so much it brought emotional depression that The Source involved such beloved characters. I wanted to like it. I approached it as a movie not directly related to the series I loved, a one-off that would follow a different path but still be ok. It pains me but I think The Source is the worst movie I have ever seen. It was all so bad there is no one place to begin. There were a couple nice tie-in’s to the original relationships between Duncan/Joe and Duncan/Methos. But that’s about it. The rest of it was a dumpster fire with seizure inducing “special effects”. I really wished Endgame truly was the end.
'It will take two immortals to defeat the ultimate evil. But in the end, there can be only one.'

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  • 2000
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Highlander Endgame Movie Download Torrent

Highlander: Endgame was first shown in the theaters back in 2000. The stars of the film include Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert. Highlander: Endgame is actually a good entry into the Highlander series according to reviews of the Highlander film sagas. In this installment of the film, Christopher Lambert returns as lead character Connor MacLeod. The new plot begins with the hero Macleod returning to his small Scottish village in the year 1555 to save his mother from the hands of a very cruel village priest. The evil priest destroys several members of his family. This begins a feud that spans the centuries between Connor MacLeod and the priest. Fast forward several hundred years. Connor MacLeod has grown weary over the years of his immortal existence. He has lost too many people and friends that he loved over the centuries. He decides to hide away in a place called the Sanctuary. This is a retreat built on holy ground by the Watchers organization. A group that keeps a close eye on the activities of the immortals like MacLeod. An old enemy returns and attacks the Sanctuary run by the Watchers. The old enemy (priest) and his assassins kill everyone except MacLeod. In this movie Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod team up together to fight the immortal enemy. It is interesting to note that Adrian Paul played the immortal on the television series. Their hope is that both their immortal power is enough to beat Jacob Kell. Connor tells Duncan that he will sacrifice himself. He must take his head and gain his immortal power. This is the only way to defeat their mutual enemy.