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This popular and best free movie download site houses a lot of free movies and TV series along with free online courses. It has been in the market for quite some time now and is divided into 6 main sections, namely, Online courses, Movies, Textbooks, Language lessons, E-books, and Audiobooks. Movie torrent sites have always been everyone’s favourite source of getting any sort of media files, movies, songs, pdf, ebooks, Software and what not.But as recently a plenty of best movie torrenting sites are closed, a lot of people are wondering about the best movie torrent websites that are still working in 2021. Jun 01, 2017 At the top, you can see top movies on the website but if you want to browse special categories like Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, South Movies, Bengali Movies, etc. You can scroll down to the homepage a bit and find link to go to these categories, browse and download any movie listed there for free.

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Summary: check the best movie downloader here to free download movies, HD films from Dailymotion, etc. on desktop or Android iOS mobile devices without much sweat.

Not every time do you have strong internet connection or Wi-Fi to stream movies online. Sometimes you will simply want a good movie downloader to help you get the free movies download for offline playback. For example, if you want to stream 4K Ultra HD movies on Netflix, you will need to have an internet of minimal 15 Mbps, meaning 79% of U.S households can't reach this minimum requirement. That's where those best movie download apps & sites will help.

Here below is a list of best movie downloading apps for Android & iOS, all of which will help you free download movies from Hollywood in HD, 3D, VR, etc.

[Notice] We just provide information on the best video downloader software, apps and sites that have the ability to download movies which are free or legally purchased. We in no way advocate, encourage or recommend downloading protected contents. Movie lovers should comply with the local laws.

Table of Content

1. Best Movie Downloader Software for Mac & Windows

Below are the top software to download movies from online websites to Mac and PC. Comparing with other ways, namely movie download sites or download app will be more stable and safe.

1. MacX Video Converter Pro

Platform: Mac (macOS Big Sur) and Windows (10)

There are numerous choices for users when it comes to best movie downloading software, but it's MacX Video Converter Pro that snags the top spot. This movie video downloader, available for the latest Mac and Windows system, makes it an easy job to free download movies of Hollywood, Disney, Bollywood, Marvel, TV shows, music videos, mp3 songs etc from Dailymotion, Metacafe, Pandora TV, movieclips, moviefone and 1000+ movie sites with fast speed. No matter in 4K ultra HD, HD 1080P, SD, 3D 360 VR, movies will be downloaded with excellent quality.

Plus, this good movie downloader app allows users to directly download movies into MP4, AVI, 3GP, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP3 etc for playback on iPhone, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini 4, Samsung Galaxy edge or other mobiles/players.

2. MacX YouTube Downloader

Hd Movies Point

Platform: Mac (macOS Big Sur)


If you want to free download movies fast, you should try MacX YouTube Downloader. It is specially designed to free download movies, TV shows, movie trailers, soundtracks, music and more in batches from up to 1000 legal movie sites, including movies from onlinemovies.pro, Dailymotion, youku, Tudou, dbtv, letv, Pandora.tv and more. It's fast and easy to free download any Hindi, Hollywood, Disney movies in 8K 4320p, 4K 2160p, HD 1080p/720p SD, 360 vr movies, 3D Bluray with this movie downloader.

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You can also get movies download with fast speed, good quality, and most importantly, it's totally free, clean and legal to download movies (for fair use only). But it offers no advanced features like format converting, size compression, editing etc.

3. Total Video Downloader

Platform: Mac

Total Video Downloader for Mac is also among the best apps to download movies on Mac OS X. Users are allowed to download any video and movie from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, VEVO, Metacafe and other 105 online websites to Mac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Macbook Pro and more. Total Video Downloader for Mac ensures 4x faster speed to free download SD and HD 1080P/720P movies in mp4, 3gp, mov etc. Simply with one click, you can batch download favorite movies in minutes.

However, like the 2021 best free movie downloader mentioned above, Total Video Downloader for Mac is available for Mac only and lacks the ability to edit or convert the movies downloaded.

4. AllMyTube

Platform: Mac (Yosemite) and Windows (10)

When it comes to downloading movies with HD quality and fast speed, you may also try AllMyTube. This app is quite versatile to cover any needs in movie downloading. To be specific, it will easily get 4K, SD, HD Hollywood/Hindi movies download from over 10,000 websites like Dailymotion, Break, Metacafe, BlipTV, Vimeo, AOL, Lynda, MegaVideo, Veoh, VideoBash, LiveLeak and more. Besides, it also integrates with video converting function so that users can download movies to iPhone, iPad, Samsung or mp4, mp3, avi, mov and more.

However, it misses the top rank of best movie downloader for its incapability to support the latest computer system like 10.12 macOS Sierra, 10.11 El Capitan and such newest mobiles as iPhone, iPad Pro etc.

2. Best Movie Downloader Apps for Android & iOS

Downloading movies directly on mobiles has higher requirements on the space of your devices, but it's more convenient when you have a robust Wi-Fi connection. If your device has enough storage, like an 256GB iPhone, check best movie downloader apps below.

1. ShowBox

Platform: Android

Showbox is a free and famous movie download app with which you can watch and download movies in HD for free on Android devices (Samsung, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry etc). It has a huge library of movies and TV shows and is keeping updating, so that users can download movies onto Android powered smartphones easily.

The Showbox app apk has been removed from the Google Play Store, but you can download the app from its official website, or find an install tutorial online easily. Note that Showbox won't work on iPhone iPad.

Go Download Movies Hollywood Movies

2. MegaBox HD

Platform: Android

If you are looking for a movie downloader alternative to Showbox, you should try MegaBox HD. MegaBox HD another free movie saving app for Android phone or tablet with which you can stream and download HD movies and TV shows right on your device. The movie library is updated regularly so that you can watch movies and TV shows in HD, free download HD movies in 720p or 360p from Hollywood.

3. Movie Box

Platform: iOS, Android, PC, Mac

Have you ever used Popcorn Time? A famous app for iOS users to watch instantly movies and TV shows in HD quality. Though Popcorn Time makes it easy to download latest Hollywood movies with clicks, the app has been sued for times. Therefore, Movie Box, a free and safer movie downloader app for iPhone iPad, will let you to watch, stream and download movies, TV shows, music videos and you don't need to visit suspicious movie sites or register.

3. Best Free Movie Download Sites for Hollywood/Bollywood Movies

Another popular way to download movies other than the best movie downloading apps is to rely on various movie sites. Below are those top-rated free movie download sites where you can free download high quality Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

1. 300MBMovies4u.com

Price: Free
Registration: Required

300MBMovies4u.com is a famous free HD movie site where users can watch and free. download full HD movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. There are DVD rip movies, HD 1080P/720P, HEVC and 300mb movies from latest in English, Hindi and Tamil, and users can download whatever they want. It's a good place to free download Hindi/Tamil/Telugu movies with good quality. Simply with an account, you can get the job done, no movie downloader software or plugin needed.

2. MyDownloadTube.com

Price: Free
Registration: No

Watch movies online in full, or download movies in 720p, 1080p, bluray HD with high speed? Try MyDownloadTube.com. MyDownloadTube.com is one of the best free movie download sites to safely download movies and even games without registration or signing up. It has a large library of full HD movies for free download and you can watch the full movies or trailers before download. It updates frequently with the latest movies and simply find your favorite Hollywood, Disney movies and click Download.

3. DivxCrawler.tv

Price: Free
Registration: No

DivxCrawler.tv is one of the best sites to download movies for free, especially Hollywood movies free download in HD quality. The massive movie collection is updated on regular basis with the latest 2017 movies so that users can easily find the new Hollywood/Disney movies here. Movies are listed in various video formats like MKV, MP4, DivX with HD and DVD quality. Without sign up or advertising, DivxCrawler.tv is also recommended the best movie download site for movie lovers.