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When creating templates and other documents to be filled in, it is often useful to include drop-down lists for questions that naturally have a limited answer set or in cases where you would like to restrict the possible answers to ensure consistency in responses. Restricting responses is particularly useful when collating questionnaires and using the data for analysis and visualization (Charts).

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The Advantages of creating a drop down list in Microsoft Word:

Admin Dropdown Menu Template Flat Widget for your websites, makes your website or web application drop down menus. This widget is designed using web technologies HTML5, and CSS3. A drop-down list (abbreviated drop-down, or DDL; also known as a drop-down menu, drop menu, pull-down list, picklist) is a graphical control element, similar to a list box, that allows the user to choose one value from a list. When a drop-down list is inactive, it displays a single value.

  • Saves space on the template, document or form
  • Provides an indication/(examples) of what the expected answers should be
  • Ensures consistency in answers used across documents
  • Eliminates spelling errors and typos
  • Makes forms easier and quicker to complete for the end user

When to use a drop down list:

  1. When consistency of information is required. For example in the case of a questionnaire; for the question: “What is you favorite animal?” one respondent may want to indicate that a German Shepard is his/her favorite and animal, another respondent may want to indicate that a Poodle is his/her favorite. However for the purposes of your analysis, “dog” might be sufficient. Then by using a drop down list and including only dog, cat, fish, reptile etc, as possible answers, an in in depth data cleaning exercise can be avoided prior to the analysis of responses.
  2. When other Microsoft office content controls are not appropriate. Microsoft includes additional content controls including legacy and ActiveX controls that allow for the inclusion of variety of other controls. Radio Buttons and check boxes are examples of some of the controls that can be used in use-cases similar to that of the drop-down list. Often these will be more appropriate for binary responses (e.g. Yes/No), selection of multiple items from a single list, and smaller list (Less than 5 items). As a rule of thumb, always try to make data-entry as easy as possible for the personal filling out the document: selecting an item instead of typing a response, a one click option selection instead of two – e.g. a radio button response requires only one click for a Yes/No question, were-as a drop-down with Yes/No options will require the user to click twice.

Creating a drop-down list

Step 1.

In order to make us of the drop-down list feature in Microsoft word the Developer tab needs to be enabled on the ribbon. This can be done by selecting the file menu on the Ribbon, (a) navigating to Options, (b) selecting Customize Ribbon on the left hand side of the new window that opens up, (c) and selecting the Developer checkbox that appears in the right hand table titled Customize the Ribbon


Step 2.

Next, a drop-down list control box can be added to the document. This is done by (a) selecting the Developer tab in the Ribbon, navigating to the controls section and selecting (b) the Drop-Down list Content Contol button.


Step 3.

Once the Drop-Down List Content Control has been added to your document, you will need to add list items to the Drop-Down List. While the Drop-Down list is selected in the document, (a) click on the Properties option in the Ribbon, (b) complete the Title and Tag fields in the new window that opens and then select the add button. (c) Type in the name of the first item of the list in the Display Name Field and click the OK button. Press Add again to add additional items to the list. Once the list items have been added, (d) press the OK button


Step 4.

The final step in the process is to test that the Drop-Down List works. Note that when the Drop-Down List Control is not selected, the control is “invisible” and only displays the selected option as text (usually the first item on the list if not yet used). When hovering over the Drop-Down List Control, the text is shaded in grey, and when the Drop-Down List Control is selected, the title box is displayed with drop down arrow. When clicking on the arrow, all the list items created in step 3 will be displayed and available for selection.

Enjoy including Drop-Down lists in your future Microsoft Word Projects!

Additional Resources

The following YouTube Video briefly walks through the steps required to include a drop-down list in an MS Word document https://youtu.be/ysuf9XUvbrE

There are a lot of different components of a website which are mandatory for the proper functioning of a website. Without these things, a website cannot really function effectively and is not able to convey the message perfectly. Since these things are a necessity, without them the proper working of a website is not possible. One of the most important things is HTML5 CSS3 Dropdown Menus. These menus are important for navigational purposes since they are much needed to ensure the proper guidance for the visitors through the website.

Since the customers find it easy to browse through the websites, they tend to return to the website again and again and also advise their friends and family to come to the website.

HTML5 CSS3 Dropdown Menus

These drop-down menus are essential for the proper functioning of a website. Since the menus are available in all forms ranging from vertical and horizontal to sideways, there are a lot of options for the web developers to choose from. Furthermore, these HTML5 CSS3 Dropdown Menus are also quite easy to use since they have inbuilt qualities that make them result in a friendly user interface and a helpful design.

All kinds of businesses and bloggers can use these drop-down menus. The businesses or service providers can use the drop-down menus to display all the features of a website or all the services that are provided by that particular business.

On the menu, the social media accounts of the developers can also be displayed with a Contact Us form for the ease of the visitors. The points in the menus are further branched into subcategories which makes it easier for the visitor to find all kinds of topics that are related to one subject.

Even the bloggers can use these drop-down menus. For example, if the blogger is a lifestyle blogger, they tend to have a lot of different topics which they write under. So, it is good to have a menu in which all the topics are mentioned under which all blog posts relating to the topic are listed to make it easy for the visitor to find all the topics they want in one place.

Features of HTML5 CSS3 Dropdown Menus


There are more than one reasons to use these drop out menus. The HTML5 CSS3 Dropdown Menus offer more functionality to the website. Moreover, these drop-down menus let the navigation process very easy for the customers.

The drop-down menus make the whole website appear more organized and well settled. It prevents the formation of any clutter on the website which means that the visitor can easily find what they are looking for.

You do not need to go through the tedious task of finding the right drop-down menus for your website since we have compiled a list of all these drop-down menus down below. You can choose any one of these drop-down menus and bring versatility to your website.

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