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Do you need to create a cyber security PowerPoint presentation? Do it quickly by using a cyber security PowerPoint template.

Do you need to market your company or educate your audience about security threats. And are you looking for a computer security PowerPoint template that fits this topic perfectly? You've come to the right place!

Cyber Security Powerpoint Templates Free. 55 Cyber Security Powerpoint Templates Free. Templates 50 free powerpoint template resources updated 2018 make your next presentation amazing with this powerpoint template library download and edit for free professional themes for pitches reports meetings classes beautiful creative backgrounds. Are you looking for Cyber Security powerpoint or google slides templates? Pikbest have found 663 great Cyber Security Powerpoint templates for free. More animated ppt about Cyber Security.

The ultimate goal is to present all your content beautifully and impress your audience with minimal effort. A pre-built cyber security background template will help you work smart and achieve that goal. Leave the design aspect to the experts with a cyber security PPT download.

When it comes to pre-built PPT templates, you've a choice between premium and free templates. This article explores both these options. Check out premium computer security PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. Also, make sure to see premium cyber security PowerPoint background templates from GraphicRiver. And then explore 20 free cyber security PowerPoint templates from the web.

Let's get started and have a look at some options. We've got top cyber security PPT's. It's time to find the best cyber security PowerPoint presentation template that fits your needs!

The Best Premium Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates on Elements for 2022 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is packed with millions of digital assets to help you complete creative projects. Regardless of your skills, this extra hand can help you save loads of time. Get creative assets (not just premium cyber security PowerPoint background templates) from Elements. That's sure to help you finish your projects in record time.

Enjoy unlimited access to millions of creative assets with an Envato Elements subscription. It's all affordable with a single monthly fee.

Digital assets (including cyber security PPT) on Envato Elements are:

  • templates for presentations, graphics, web, and video
  • high-quality stock photos
  • creative fonts, presets, and actions
  • royalty-free videos, sound effects, and music

Be aware, free templates from the web do come with some risks. It's best to be aware of these drawbacks before you take your pick. Here are some general issues you may encounter with free cyber security PPT downloads:

  • limited features
  • outdated designs
  • not unique

Envato Elements is the best for anyone looking to invest in their presentation projects. Are you new to premium PPT templates and want to try some out before signing up for Envato Elements? Discover the selection of premium computer security PowerPoint templates. Download them one at a time on GraphicRiver. Check out some inspiration from GraphicRiver in the next section.

5 Best Premium Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates for 2022 From Envato Elements

Discover premium cyber security PPT templates from Envato Elements. Plus, see premium technology templates from GraphicRiver. Here are five examples of the best cyber security presentation PPT:


1. Cyber Security PowerPoint Background Template

This premium template comes with 20 master slides and two slide sizes for you to pick from. It contains matching charts, diagrams, tables, and many more elements. You can easily recolor, reshape, edit, move, and remove any elements to customize your presentation.

2. Intsec - Cyber Security PowerPoint Background Template

Intsec is a modern template with security themed illustrations. It's a top option for cyber security PPT with fun characters. Edit all elements directly on PowerPoint. Slide animation and help documentation are also included.

3. iTech - Computer Security PowerPoint Theme

iTech is a multipurpose template that can be used for any security or tech company. It comes with three premade colors and picture placeholders. You'll also have background color options, and many more premium features. Use this modern and creative template to impress your audience.

4. Cyberspace Technology Presentation Template

Here is a cyber security PPT deck with plenty of style for 2022. It includes five dozen custom slides, each designed with bold purple tones. This one includes charts and infographics to help you illustrate data. Plus, it saves you time by coming pre-animated.

5. Technology - PowerPoint Template

Need a versatile cyber security PPT 2022? The Technology deck is a winning choice. It has three color themes with an array of slide layouts. You can also choose from standard and widescreen designs with which to build your slides.

5 Top Premium Cyber Security PowerPoint PPT Templates for 2022 From GraphicRiver

Need a cyber security PPT 2022, but not a full subscription? GraphicRiver is your go-to source for single purchase templates. Check out five of the best cyber security PPT downloads to kickstart your design below.

1. Cybersec - Cyber Security PowerPoint Template

Packed with options, Cybersec is a winning cyber security PowerPoint presentation for 2022. In total, it has 36 slides in the pack. Each one features resizable graphics that are easy to edit. And master slide layouts make bulk edits a breeze.

2. CYBERIA - Cyber Security Powerpoint Template

CYBERIA helps you bring your cyber security presentation PPT 2022 to life. With dark, rich graphics, it’s sure to make a stylish first impression. Image placeholders help deliver drag-and-drop customization options. You’ll also find device mockups, icons, and more.

3. CYBERSION – Creative & Business PowerPoint Template

This is another top cyber security PPT download for 2022. With lavish widescreen layouts, these slides are eye-catching, yet easy to edit. You can drag and drop content right onto each slide. Free unique fonts work to help style your text.

4. Securology - Cyber Security PowerPoint Theme

Securology is a creative and modern template that comes packed with excellent features. Here are a few features you'd find useful:

  • over 60 unique slides
  • 11 color schemes to pick from
  • animated slides
  • background-color options
  • handmade infographics
  • guaranteed updates

5. Computer Security PowerPoint Presentation

This template comes with 30 unique slides. There are many suitable illustrations and infographics to help you get your message across to your audience. Quickly edit slides and customize them according to your needs.

20 Top Free Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates and PPT Backgrounds to Download for 2022

Would you like to try out premium creative assets at no cost to you? Check out Envato's monthly free offerings.

These free files vary monthly, so you may be in luck. A premium computer security PowerPoint template could be among this month's offerings.

Here's Envato's premium freebie deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 unique files monthly for free (templates, photos, music, video, fonts, and more). Create a free account or log in to download this month's free premium assets.
  • Envato Market offers seven different freebies every month. Sign up or log in to get this month's premium freebies.

A cyber security PPT template may not be on offer this month. Your next best option is free security PowerPoint templates from the web.


Let's explore 20 free cyber PowerPoint templates found online:

1. Digital Security - Free Security PowerPoint Templates.

This template comes with a red background and an image of a thumb impression on a keyboard.

2. Free Cyber Security PowerPoint Background

This comes with a map background image and a lock icon on a laptop.

3. Security Agency - Free Cyber PowerPoint Template

This is a technical computer background design with numbers and icons in blue.

4. Data - Cyber Security PPT Template Free Download

This template comes with a city skyline and three computer monitors.

5. Free Business Cyber Security PowerPoint Theme

An image of a big key is the main focus of this background.

6. Cybercrime Prevention - Free Computer Security PowerPoint Presentation

An image of a shield or security logo is part of this background. The primary colors are black and orange.

7. Technology - Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates Free Download

This template comes with an image of a person working on a laptop. It also has technical computer background designs.

8. Cybercrime - Free Security PowerPoint Templates

This is a simple background design in blue, yellow, and black.

9. Technology Security - Free Cyber PowerPoint Template

This has a blue background with a hand illustration and squares.

10. Iron Lock - Cyber Security PPT Template Free Download


This template comes with a main and two internal slides. It's an image of a lock logo on a green background.

11. Security Business - Free Cyber Security PowerPoint Theme

This template uses an image of a cursor pointing to the word security.

12. Data Security - Free Computer Security PowerPoint Presentation

An image of not one but two locks is the main focus of this template.

13. Computer - Free Security PowerPoint Templates

This template comes with an image of a laptop with a massive lock on its screen.

14. Laptop - Free Cyber PowerPoint Templates

This template has an image of a person using a laptop and is suitable for any computer-related presentation.

15. Norris - Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates Free Download


This free template uses a red gradient background with computer-related outlined icons.

16. Tech Design - Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Here's a free tech template by Microsoft. It's a little basic design, but it'll get the job done.

17. Free Computer Hardware Technology PowerPoint Templates

All images come with this template. But pictures in the placeholders aren't included.

18. Tech Illustrated - Cyber Security PowerPoint Templates Free Download

This template comes with a vibrant blue gradient background and white fonts.

19. Free Technology Pixels PPT Template

This template uses a techy pixel pattern and uses contrasting shades of green.

20. Free Hexagonal Tech PowerPoint Template

This uses a dark background with bright blue fonts and elements. The main elements are hexagons and icons.

How to Quickly Customize a Cyber Security PowerPoint Presentation (In 2022)

Now that you’ve got your cyber security PPT 2022 picked out, it’s time to start customizing it. With pre-built cyber security PowerPoint presentation templates, this only takes a few clicks. Use these five quick steps to get started.

Follow along by downloading the premium Cyber Security - PowerPoint Infographics Slides.

It’s a cyber security PPT download with countless options packed inside. Let's get started:

1. Edit Text

A cyber security PPT 2022 download saves you precious time. It does this with placeholders: pre-built elements that you can quickly adapt to your own use. Text boxes are a great example.

To add text to your cyber security presentation PPT 2022, go ahead and select the contents of any text box. Then, simply start typing in your own words. Repeat throughout your slide deck. This makes adding content a breeze.

2. Add Text Effects

After you add text to your cyber security PowerPoint presentation, you can add effects to it. With text selected, find the Font section of the Home tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon.

Here, you’ll see a variety of options. Choose a new font style and size from the dropdown menus. Or click the buttons to apply effects like Bold, Italic, Underlines, and more.

3. Customize Infographics

A premium cyber security PPT download like this includes custom infographics. These help you illustrate data and ideas stylishly.

Find a slide with an infographic on it to get started. From here, you’re essentially repeating the steps we’ve already performed. Select text and type over it. Click and drag on text boxes and other placeholders to move them around the slide.

To create a successful cyber security presentation PPT 2022 deck, always try infographics. They’re sure to wow your audience.

4. Change Shape Colors

Slides like this one contain colorful shapes. While the default color palette looks great, it’s easy to add custom colors to a cyber security PPT. This is especially useful if you want to match your branding.

To change shape colors, click to select the part of any shape that you want to change. Then, choose the Shape Format tab on the ribbon. Finally, click on the Shape Fill dropdown. This will launch a color chooser, and you can click any color to apply it.

5. Reorder Slides

Cyber security PowerPoint presentation designs aren't static. You may want the slides in a different order. Fortunately, PPT makes this easy to fix - no extra work required.

On the sidebar on the left side, click and drag on any slide thumbnail to change up its order. Drop it into a new position, and repeat with other slides as needed.

5 Quick PowerPoint Cyber Security Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2022

Once you've found the right cyber security PowerPoint templates (for free download or premium), you'll want to make the most of them. Here are five tips to help you create the best possible computer security PowerPoint presentation:

1. Use Custom Image Masks

Square or rectangle-shaped photos are a traditional look. Try out custom image masks to spice things up and create modern presentations.

Modern and creative premium cyber security PowerPoint themed templates include custom image masks. All you've got to do is drag and drop your image.

2. Use Device Mockups

Do you have an app or software to show your audience? Why not make the experience as real as possible?

Add your screen recording or screenshot to a device mockup to create a very impressive explainer slide.

Below are some free and premium screen recorders to pick from:

3. Stay Consistent With Your Brand Identity

Once you get a premium modern and creative template, the next step is to customize it according to your brand identity. This is an essential process, as the presentation needs to look like it's part of your business. Here's a quick checklist of elements to customize:

  • colors
  • fonts
  • graphics
  • logo
  • theme

4. Use Infographics With Simple Animation Effects

Infographics help turn facts and figures into visual graphics that are easier to understand and follow. Add some simple animation effects to your infographics and watch them come to life. Here are tutorials that explain infographics and animations in detail:

5. Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep your content focused and presentation short. Avoid creating cluttered slides that are full of texts. Turn texts to graphics or summarize as much as you can. The key here is to stick to the goal at hand and keep your audience's focus.

5 Cyber Security PowerPoint Presentation Trends (For 2022 Slide Designs)

A cyber security presentation PPT 2022 is a great start for modern slides. But to impress this year, you need to take advantage of the top trends. These five will kickstart your presentations in 2022:

1. Data Visuals

As we’ve already seen, infographics are key parts of cyber security PPT 2022 designs. These data visuals deliver both style and substance.

By using infographics, you can avoid the use of wordy, text-heavy slides. They ensure you communicate complex ideas clearly. These are a top trend in 2022 because of their versatility and utility.

2. Heavy Use of Images

Infographics are one way to avoid cluttered slides in your cyber security PPT. Images are another. By using photos, you can add visual interest and cut down on the number of words on any slide.

Need images for your slide deck? Remember, many online photos are copyrighted. That’s why you should always turn to Envato Elements. As a subscriber, you've got access to unlimited downloads of beautiful stock imagery. It’s a great resource for PPT designers.

Once you’ve picked out photos to use, visit our full PPT image tutorial to learn how to work with them:

3. Custom Image Masks

Square and rectangular images are out. In 2022, look for image masks as the hot new trend. They’re included in many premium cyber security PPT download packs.

An image mask transforms images into cool and unique shapes. All you've got to do is drop your image file onto the placeholder, and PPT templates will do the rest.

4. Sleek Animations

Your cyber security PowerPoint presentation will benefit from sleek and stylish animations. They’re easy to add in PPT, and they help style every slide in a memorable way.

Be careful, though. Too many animations will simply distract your audience. The key is to keep things subtle. To help you get started, we built a full tutorial on PowerPoint animation. Check it out today:

5. Modern Layouts

A trendy 2022 cyber security PPT should incorporate modern layouts. Dated designs put off audiences and won’t be appreciated. By adopting the latest in visual styles, you can truly connect with your audience on a personal level.

Browse thousands of custom PPT decks on Envato Elements to find a perfect modern layout. After all, cyber security is a hot topic. Your slides about it need the latest styles.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Do you need more inspiration? Here are more modern and creative PowerPoint templates for you to check out:

5 Benefits of Using the Best Cyber Security PPT PowerPoint Templates with Pro Designs

Still trying to decide whether to use a premium cyber security PPT? You may wonder about the value offering and what it means to you.

Here are five top reasons to use a premium cyber security PPT download template today:

  1. You boost your style. When you use premium cyber security PPT 2021 designs, they're made by creative experts. They deliver styling that you can’t build yourself. Nor will you find it in free cyber security PPT download templates.
  2. You save valuable time. Premium cyber security PowerPoint presentation templates have pre-built layouts. That means you only have to swap out placeholder content. You’ll save time by never having to build slides from scratch.
  3. You get design ideas. Those same pre-built slides give you design ideas. At a loss for what to include in your cyber security PPT? Scroll through a premium template and gain ideas from the existing content on the slides.
  4. You focus on your message. By saving time and giving you ideas, premium cyber security PPT 2021 designs help you stay on track. You’ll have the time to focus on building a powerful message, because you won’t spend all your time building slides.
  5. You keep creative control. Just because premium slides are pre-built doesn’t mean you give up creative control. Most of these templates are fully customizable. You can enjoy their existing designs, but you can easily change them up to best fit your needs.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the best value for creatives today. For a flat monthly rate, you can try out as many creative assets as you want. That’s right: you have unlimited downloads at one price.

Sign up for Envato Elements today. Choose from PPT templates, photos, music, fonts, and more. It’s an unbeatable offer that you can’t afford to miss.

Common Microsoft PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Still learning Microsoft PowerPoint? You might have questions about how to work with your cyber security PPT 2022 file in the app. Let's look at five of the most common questions and help you learn the solution to each of them:

1. What Version of PowerPoint Should I Use?

When you're working with cyber security PPT files, you might be wondering: 'which version of PowerPoint should I use?' There's PowerPoint Online, Office 365, and PowerPoint 2019.

With the help of our tutorial, we'll help you choose the right version for you. You'll even learn which version works best with cyber security PPT 2022 designs.

2. How Do PowerPoint Templates Work?

If you started working with cyber security presentation PPT 2022 options in this tutorial, you've seen the power of templates. With a few clicks, you can load custom PowerPoint templates, including cyber security PPT downloads.

Learn how to download templates and switch between them easily at the link below. You'll see that it's easier than you think to change your template and adapt your design.

3. What's a PowerPoint Slide Layout?

PowerPoint templates are full of layouts, pre-built designs that help you kickstart your slide. They already have everything you need to create slides, and all you've got to do is add content.

Check out more about layouts, including how you can create and customize them in cyber security PPT 2022 designs:

4. How Can You Make Cyber Security Presentation PPT (2022) Files More Engaging?

With the help of PowerPoint animation, you can add more interest to your cyber security PowerPoint presentation. With a bit of motion, content is much more interesting.

Of course, it's a balancing act when you start adding PowerPoint animations. You don't want to add so much animation that your cyber security PPT becomes distracting. Learn the tricks of the trade and add them to your presentation with this tutorial:

5. What Formats Does PowerPoint Support on Export?

Your finished PowerPoint can take on formats other than a simple PPTX. Let's say that you've got a cyber security PPT you want to share, but your audience doesn't have PowerPoint installed. How can you share it?

You can export your finished PowerPoint to a video file, including with cyber security PPT downloads. Learn how to take a standard PowerPoint and create a video file that plays on any device with this tutorial:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

Pin our How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to your browser as a quick reference for when you get stuck creating presentations. It's a compilation of bite-sized how-to tutorials to help you without getting distracted with online research. New to creating PowerPoint presentations? Not a problem with this quick guide!

Here are three tutorial examples from this guide:

Get a Premium Cyber Security PowerPoint Template Today!

Cyber Security Ppt Template Free Download Free

Head on to Envato Elements and start looking for a premium computer security PowerPoint template. Sign up for a monthly subscription and get unlimited access to millions of creative assets (not just PPT templates). Take your professional or personal projects to new heights.

Cyber Security Ppt Download Free

Are you new to premium files? Do you want to test them out before signing up for Envato Elements? Have a look at premium computer security PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. Buy and download a template one-at-a-time to get a feel for premium assets.

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are great options for anyone looking for premium PPT templates. But if you're on a tight budget, going premium may not be possible now. Avoid starting from scratch and check out the 20 free cyber security PowerPoint templates from the web.

Work smart and create a presentation with a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Download one today!

Free Cyber Security Powerpoint Template

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.