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Being a construction company offering construction services, you need to craft the best construction proposal so that you can pitch your services in a professional way. An ideal Construction Proposal Format & Key Elements consist of portfolio, project summary, schedule and time-frame of project, project cost, and signature line for faster sign-off. An ideal and simple construction proposal template should be customize-able to suit any needs any time for any construction proposal of your company. Creating a proposal for new client would be a pain-free process if you have customize-able sections to fit any brand and project.

Construction Proposal Template Free Download Doc

Construction Proposal Template. Mobile App Development Proposal. Sign using FREE electronic signature app, CocoSign.

Success of your construction project greatly lies on Construction Proposal Format & Key Elements. So make sure twice that you have created the proposal document in a professional manner – it is clear to both the parties with all its terms – and it’s fair to avoid any underestimation to any party. Your construction proposal presentation should be prepared to protect interests of both parties in appropriate way. Though the format remains standard, but the bid is usually unique with new and different takeoffs and measurements per proposal. Things that can influence your Construction Proposal Format & Key Elements may include location, weather, construction material, priority levels, and special requirements attached with the construction project.

Here are several free Construction Proposal Templates mostly in MS Word and/or in PDF format to assist you in creating your own Construction Proposal quickly.

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  • A construction project has to be right from the proposal, and this is why you will need a good construction proposal template. Download free templates.
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Must have components of an ideal construction proposal example would consist of the following:

General Contractor Proposal Template

  1. Don’t overlook the basic elements of the construction proposal. Include name, logo, contact address, and construction services of the company.
  2. Describes the scope of your work and how you can do best to potential client’s construction needs or project. You may describe about the material quality, construction grades, worth of project, and other related measurements here.
  3. Offer the client the best suited dates to schedule and start the project so that the work can be completed substantially within defined deadlines and in efficient way. Schedule all parts of the project and decide when they would be delivered. But be sure to differentiate the calendar days and work days before you fix the days.
  4. Include the detailed description of the construction work to be done, material, machinery, and man efforts to be utilized. If you require any special machines to complete the work, mention it here.
  5. State the project price in a very clear and simple way in digits and words to avoid any confusion. Schedule of (full/half) payments, due amount of payments if any, and terms and conditions of half and full payments are also the part of Construction Proposal Format & Key Elements.
  6. State clearly who will be responsible for what and who will be the authority to deliver reports and collect payments from the client. At the same time, the person will be responsible to take decisions during the construction project where needed. It will save you a lot of headache during the project.
  7. Terms and conditions of the company must be a part of your Construction Proposal Format & Key Elements. It will help the party to understand the policies your company is following for construction projects.
  8. Make sure to add the signature line at the end of the construction proposal. The signing authority should be the person who is responsible to take decision during the construction project.

Free Contractor Proposal Template Word

If you are feeling it hard to design, you can download free construction proposal template from internet that is easy to customize according to your company needs. Your proposal can really be attention-grabbing and winning if you succeed to set the key information regarding the project, main objectives, strategy and budget in an efficient way to the party.

Construction Proposal Template Free Download Canva

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