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Born Free is a 1966 adventure movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2. Born Free is available to watch free on Crackle. It's also available to.

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Preview — Born Free by Joy Adamson

(Story of Elsa #1-3)

Fifty years ago Joy Adamson first introduced to the world the story of her life alongside Elsa the lioness, whom she had rescued as an orphaned cub, and raised at her home in Kenya. But as Elsa had been born free, Joy made the heartbreaking decision that she must be returned to the wild when she was old enough to fend for herself. Since the first publication of Born Free a...more
Published February 28th 2011 by Pan Books (first published 1966)
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Yasmin FosterYes, very likely. If the edition has around 400 pages its a good bet it features all three books.
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Oct 29, 2018Jan-Maat added it · review of another edition
Shelves: biographical, autobiography-memoir, 20th-century, non-fiction, east-africa
This volume is a reprint of the three books written by Joy Adamson about Elsa the lioness. The first Born Free is sweet, so terribly sweet that you have to brush your teeth before and after reading, it narrates how her husband shot a lioness (I think actually the wrong one) and how the couple adopted her three cubs, two were eventually air freighted to Rotterdam, they live with the third, Elsa, for a while before letting her loose in a part of Kenya decided upon by Adamson's husband, a game war...more
Nov 26, 2021Ushashi rated it really liked it
A captivating story of a lioness Elsa, and her adoptive human parents. The interactions between the Adamsons and Elsa, and later her cubs are beautiful and showed how intelligent lions can be. I never knew that a lioness can be affectionate to humans, but this book is a testament to it.
Jul 26, 2015Laura rated it really liked it

Born Free Full Movie 1966 English Free Download Online

Shelves: africa, animal, biography-memoir, 2015, own
The well-known story of raising a lion cub - and successfully releasing her into the wild, the first time that this had been attempted. The challenges, both natural and bureaucratic, were enormous and are well-documented. The books (three 'parts' in this particular volume) were written based on Joy's notes and George's journals. This is the weakest point, as certain sections, probably those written more from the sources than directly from memory, are a bit dry. Nonetheless a wonderful story - bo...more
Oct 29, 2018Ashes rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Behold, the Lion Queen

This is, in fact, three books in one. The story of Elsa is probably among the best known out of all 'animal stories', but I suspect most people have only heard her name, saw one of the movies or a documentary, a mention here or there (guilty!) The books are worth reading though. It may take a bit to get used to the style, but once you immerse yourself, there's no resurfacing till you've reached the last page.
Jan 13, 2014Lee Broderick rated it liked it
Shelves: ecology-zoology-natural-history, biography, africa
Imagine my confusion. All my life I've been able to see Born Free, Living Free and Forever Free on my mum's bookshelf. I know roughly what size they are. This was much longer than I was expecting and although I tried vainly to convince myself that perhaps it was just an effect of reading a digital edition (how accurate are those page numbers, really?) it was a third of the way into the book that the truth was revealed to me: this is not Born Free, it's The Story of Elsa. Perhaps that...more
Oct 22, 2020Simone rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Shelves: animals, lions, africa, wilderness, autobiography, 2020
Can I call this a leobiography? I think it is technically an autobiography, however it doesn't feel right to say so, since we learn very little about Joy and her husband.
In some ways, Joy's writing is refreshing, as it's almost completely about Elsa and her cubs. Never once does Joy complain about her living conditions or dwell on her disappointments; even after (view spoiler)[Elsa's death (hide spoiler)].
Although in saying that, Born Free is a much more human story than I was expecting. Bar th
Jun 18, 2016Tess826 rated it it was amazing
I've been a fan of Elsa the lioness since I was young. I have seen the movie multiple times, but this is my first experience with the book. I loved it! Altough the movie is nice, the book gives a new perspective to Elsa's life. I loved how detailed it was and there were pictures - that really helped me to get a nice vision. I got seriously attached to Elsa.
(view spoiler)[I confess. I cried when she died. I cried again when the author saw her in her son Jespah. And finally - when they never saw t
Apr 11, 2008Susan rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Shelves: read-in-2008, animals, nonfiction, own-in-book-format, better-than-the-movie, read-more-than-once, africa, autobiography, nature
I know that I read this as a child, and of course, I have seen the movie many times, but it is as amazing a story now as it was back in the 1950s and 1960s when it was happening. This is a true story about a couple who hand-raise a lion cub named Elsa and then release into the wild when she becomes an adult. They share a magical once-in-a-lifetime relationship with her and are able to visit her often even after she has become a 'wild' lioness capable of injuring or even killing them. ...more
Are you surprised this book sat on my bookshelf for many years before getting around to read it? I'm not! This seems to be a recurring theme with me. At any rate, this was an excellent story and an easy read. I shouldn't have waited so long in reading it. The same author has at least two other books I may check in to reading. Born Free is definitely worthwhile reading. Don't wait as long as I have in doing so....more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Living in South Africa, I have always been awed by the nature of wild animals. Although I am not the biggest fan of non-fiction, books about animals always fascinate me.
I had read about Joy and George in previous books I had read - A Lion Called Christian and Born Wild, so I felt it necessary to read about Joy's own experiences.
The first part of the book deals with Elsa the lioness. Her mother was killed and her sisters sent to a zoo a bit later on. She was raised by Joy Adamson and eventually t
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This captivating story of the Adamson's adoption of Elsa the lioness and later on her three cubs is now 60 years old. Joy and George Adamson lived in the northern frontier province of Kenya where George worked as a Senior Game Warden which necessitated living in close proximity with a range of wild animals. A very hard life is described in Joy's diaries, living in a remote area, in all seasons, attempting to safely bring up the tiny cub while at the same time allowing for her potential return to...more
The tale of Elsa the lion, as portrayed in the 1974 TV series Born Free, was my favourite childhood story. Revisiting the it now, as an adult, has conjured just as many tears as in my youth. There is something profoundly moving, beautiful yet unfathomable about the lives of wild animals. It is the duty of us all to ensure we do everything we can to protect our magnificent world from the threat of extinction.
Jul 13, 2020Belinda Bertrand rated it really liked it
I'd give this 3.75 stars so not quite 4 stars. This is three books in one and I enjoyed the third book the most, the second book gets a bit repetitive always out looking for the lions but overall it was a good book. The author basically dedicated her life to raising a stranded cub, it was amazing the lengths she went to....more
Aug 19, 2020Ruturaj Atigre rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Elsa! Elsa! Elsa!
Her story really made me wonder about the course of animal evolution. How much hardship did the author n her husband have been through. Just so they can free the lion Cubs to a better habitat..... Their dedication is compelling to read and observe, truly extra ordinary couple who dedicated their life for the wild.... Truly I have a new filtered eye towards the wild and life .
Aug 05, 2018Matthew Barnes rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
A powerfully moving memoir of two very different worlds.
Jul 07, 2019Sarah rated it did not like it · review of another edition
The story is fascinating but the prose so dull and dry that I gave up halfway through.
long-winded but great to read while travelling in Kenya and Tanzania
Feb 12, 2020Ranette rated it it was amazing
A wonderful story about the raising of Elsa, a lion cub and her return to the wild.
Jan 11, 2021Eliza Meijere rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very interesting, showed u a peek in the lion life and was defeneatly very entertaining.
Mar 29, 2018James Tidd rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Shelves: biographies-autobiographies, pan-70th-anniversary-set
A wonderful story telling from Joy Adamson's point of view of how she helped bring up Elsa the lioness, after her mother was shot by George for protecting her cubs (unknown to George at the time). It seems to me that this particular edition covers not only Born Free, but the two following sequels: Living Free (Part Two) and Forever Free (Part Three).
I think that this was well written, as Adamson tells the reader of her experiences in bringing up Elsa, having to do the same for Elsa's own cubs (J
Jul 26, 2015Marty Essen rated it it was ok · review of another edition
Anyone who follows my book reviews knows that I only give five-star reviews. Not that all the books I read are worthy of five stars—far from it—it’s just that as a busy author myself, I don’t have time to review books unless they warrant five-stars. I’m going to make the exception here.
I originally read all three books in the Born Free series when I was about fourteen. Had I reviewed them then, I would have given each book five stars. Unfortunately, this series hasn’t aged well.
First, there’s th
Mar 05, 2017Ann rated it really liked it
We were headed to Meru and Elsa's Kopije so we felt compelled to read about the Adamsons and
Elsa. I had seen the movie as a child and felt I knew the story already. Reading about Joy and George's efforts to care for, and reeducate, the orphaned Elsa was eye-opening and inspiring. The book reintroduced us to these two complex and committed humans and to a lion with the intelligence to straddle two worlds.
I hope that the books will be reissued--they deserve a much greater audience. Murdered by p
Jan 14, 2021Skye rated it liked it · review of another edition
I’ve been meaning to get to this book for a very long time. But it just seems to be sitting there, gathering dust. Which meant that I really needed to sink my teeth into this. Born Free is one of those books that I have picked up and put down more times than I can remember. Which made me very, very glad when I finally put aside the time to actually read this and experience the wonderful world of Elsa.
I’m incredibly glad that I read this novel. It’s definitely one of those stories that needs to b
Feb 01, 2017Pete daPixie rated it really liked it · review of another edition
Joy Adamson's acclaimed book 'Born Free' was first published in 1960, its two sequels 'Living Free' and 'Forever Free' followed in 1961 and 1962 respectively. My 50th anniversary copy 'Born Free: The Full Story' appears to be an amalgam of the three. The book gives a copyright of 1966 and states that it was first published as 'The Story of Elsa'. All somewhat confusing, as is Joy Adamson who was born Friederike Viktoria Gessner.
One of the early and iconic books concerned with wildlife conservati
Jun 24, 2013Dnyanashree rated it liked it · review of another edition
Joy Adamson succintly describes her life with Elsa, the lioness. Writing-wise, this may not be the best book out there, but isn't the story compelling? I mean how many can boast raising a lioness in Africa and releasing her into the wild?
The writing is fluid and verbose and scenes are vividly created in the reader's mind about life with Elsa and interaction with African natives. The author also describes numerous attempts made to release Elsa in the wild, about Elsa's encounters with some friend
Oct 03, 2014Maureen Ulrich rated it really liked it
I bought this ebook, not realizing that I was buying the entire trilogy. That was a nice surprise! Once again the movie Born Free, which I haven't seen for some time, romanticizes some of the details of Elsa's release. However, the story of Elsa reveals the intelligence of the species and the importance and challenges of conservation. I have no doubt park directors didn't relish a visit from Joy Adamson, who was a passionate and relentless spokesperson on the subject. Her detailed account of her...more
Oct 26, 2017Sam rated it really liked it ·

Born Free Full Movie 1966 English Free Download 123

review of another edition
Shelves: ecology, biography, popular-science, proper-books
This has all four volumes of the Elsa's Story series and follows Joy and George Adamson as they take in Elsa and her two siblings, raise them and re-release them back into the wild. The writing is good but it is very detailed and can be hard going at times, as interesting as the story as a whole is a lot of the details feel a little excessive. Add to that the fact that the techniques used by the Adamsons' are not necessarily the most appropriate and have since been shown to be ineffective, this ...more
Apr 14, 2019India Bulkeley rated it liked it

Born Free 1966 Watch Online

I am so torn on this book. This really was the 'full story' with no details left out.
Born Free is such a wonderful story but it was the two follow-up books that rubbed me the wrong way. Joy was no doubt a remarkable woman but her attachment to Elsa past her release prohibited the lioness from teaching her three cubs how to be completely wild. Easier said than done, I understand.
The second two books were more like field journals than books. You get every single detail of almost every single day
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Born Free Full Movie 1966 English free. download full Version

Joy Adamson (born Friederike Victoria Gessner) was a naturalist, artist, and author best known for her book, Born Free, which describes her experiences raising a lion cub named Elsa. Born Free was printed in several languages, and made into an Academy Award-winning movie of the same name. In 1977, she was awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art.
Born to Victor and Traute Gessner in

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Story of Elsa(4 books)
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