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Finding a solution to the common problem is the slogan for many SAAS companies. As the internet world is evolving rapidly, we face new problems. For example, we first have to remember one or two passwords, but now we have to deal with tons. After the data privacy issues, we have to keep changing our password, at least for our satisfaction. Softwares like 1Password and LastPass find the solution for that. If you are one such SAAS company that loves solving problems and wish to create an excellent dashboard for your application, these free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates can help you.

These free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates give you plenty of options and elements. Some free templates give you loads of options, while some freemium-type templates give you a great design but only limited options. We have collected both types of free responsive Bootstrap Admin templates in this list; take the one that fits you better.

ArchitectUI Free Admin Template

If you want a premium quality Angular 7 bootstrap template for free, this one is for you.

Metronic is one of the best-selling admin dashboard templates. It has a high and robust design. It has a positive and solid user experience for admin panel dashboards. It is easily customized, integrated and deployed. One of Metronic core is the integration of Twitter Bootstrap framework. It has flexible fonts, images, and also a great layout. Frest is a Bootstrap admin template that comes in two main color schemes and is packed with templates and components. When setting up your admin pages with Frest, you can quickly choose between the light and dark color schemes to set the tone for your project. A free-to-use and download, Gentelella is a fully responsive HTML admin dashboard template. It is flexible and automatically suits your needs according to your preference. This template is built using the powerful Bootstrap framework and gives out a creative and innovative interface to work on. 35+ Best & Free Bootstrap Admin Templates. Dashboard or Admin Panel is an essential part of web based app. The main purpose of admin page is to help user to manage their account preferences. The user interface of admin dashboard must be clean, easy to use and navigate. A bad designed admin UI will make your apps abandoned and forever forgotten.

You get the same design quality and code quality that you have seen in the premium version above. But if you have time constraints, it is better to opt for the premium version mentioned above. Since it is a free version, you get only one dashboard variation and limited pages predesigned for you. But the developer is generous enough to give you all the basic bootstrap elements you have seen in the premium version. By spending a few extra hours you can make your custom admin template from this free admin template itself.t

ArchitectUI – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin(Premium)

ArchitectUI – HTML Bootstrap 4 Admin template falls under the freemium category. If your demands are higher and need plenty of components and pages pre-designed for you, then this premium version is for you. Since this bootstrap admin template is made using the latest HTML5 script, you get a modern and chic-looking admin dashboard design. The designer has treated each widget as a card, so one widget won’t interfere with the other. Admin dashboard controls are kept on the left sidebar, and secondary options are kept on the right sidebar.

Jun 17, 2020 Get 32 horizontal menu Bootstrap HTML admin website templates. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers.

Along with this smart design, you also get plenty of customization options. Overall it is a value-for-money pack and has all the features to make a proper dashboard. This template also has a free version, we have listed it below. If you are interested in it, check it out.

Concept Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


Concept is one of the best free responsive bootstrap admin templates. The creator of this template has given you all the premium features for free—no restriction on the elements and customizations. You can download the dashboard and can straight away use it to develop your custom design for your project or website. The color schemes used in this template is cool and will fit easily in any modern websites. Charts are made colorful and interactive hover effects are made to make interaction easier with the map. In the demo itself you get dashboards designed for four concepts, just pick one and start working on it.

Kero ResponiveTemplate(Premium)

Whether you like to bury your head into the stats and graphs or manage multiple tasks, this admin dashboard would be your perfect partner. The sticky sidebar makes sure that all the options are at an easily accessible position. To let you add a long list of option, a scrollable sidebar is used in this design. The light white color scheme itself looks great on this dashboard, but if you like you can switch to the dark mode just like in your mac. This is also a freemium dashboard template. If your demands are high, you can download this premium version. Or you can always try the free version, it is mentioned below.

ArchitectUI – Bootstrap Admin Template(Premium)

This Architect UI dashboard is the ReactJS version of the HTML template mentioned above. If you need more dynamic elements for your users, then this is the dashboard for you. Since it is a ReactJS based design, you can call and show real-time stats to the users. Though the creator of this template has given you plenty of elements in this premium version, you can add your elements if you want. Both icons and texts are used elegantly in this dashboard, hence the user can recognize the options at a glance. This ReactJS version also gives you plenty of customization options.

Bootstrap Horizontal Menu Admin Template Free Download

ArchitectUI – Vue.js Bootstrap Admin(Premium)

When you think of VueJS, the first thing that comes in your mind is the light-weight character of the template. This one is also a light and quick-loading admin template. Properly handled code structure gives you full freedom to customize the template as per your need. Plus, if you are about to release periodic updates to your dashboard, this premium Vue JS bootstrap template is the best option for you. Because of the lightweight code base, this bootstrap template loads easily even on mobile devices. Nearly nine types of dashboards are created for you in this template, which will come in handy if you make a dashboard related to the given variations.

ArchitectUI – Angular 7(Premium)

If you are making a dashboard that correlates with other elements in the dashboard, this angular 7 dashboard template will be a good option. Design-wise this template is almost similar to the Vue JS template mentioned above. Since it is an Angular based dashboard you can expect more dynamic and interactive elements in this dashboard. Though this is a premium version, the developer has also given you a free version to give you peace of mind before buying the premium version. Since it is a premium version, you have plenty of elements and customization options. You can check the free version of this template, it is mentioned below in this list.

ArchitectUI HTML Dashboard

As we said before, this one is a free version of the HTML ArchitectUI admin template mentioned above. You get the same premium quality designs for free in this version. Interactive maps and basic elements are given in this dashboard template, so you needn’t worry about spending much time in creating regular elements. Apart from the elements, you also get customization options to change the color and the header positions. Though it is a free version, the developer has given you enough option to let you easily make your custom dashboard.

Argon Dashboard

Argon Dashboard is one of the best free responsive Bootstrap admin templates.

Since the creator has treated each wizards carefully, it becomes easy to use this template on small screen devices. Hover actions and smooth scroll animations make the interactions easier for the audience. If they want a value for a particular day, they can simply hover the cursor over the particular date and see the related value on the chart. The whole template is made using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, so you can expect proper responsive behavior right out of the box.

Material Dashboard

Material designs are always the best option for responsive design, and it makes this free responsive bootstrap admin template unique from others.

The stacked-card-like design lets the audience easily distinguish important information from others. This one doesn’t have a dynamic hover effect to show the chart details, but you can use a separate page to show the chart values clearly to the audience. Plus, the simple code structure gives you more than ample code space to easily add the features you want.

Star Admin

Star Admin is a freemium responsive bootstrap admin template. You get a limited amount of features and options in the free version, and you have to buy the premium version to unlock advanced elements.

You can download this template and tweak the code to add your custom features if you know to code. Normal users can try the free version first, and if you feel you want more features to accomplish your task, you can opt for the premium version.

Responsive bootstrap admin template free

ArchitectUI React

This one is a free version React JS based responsive bootstrap template mentioned above. If you want to save some money without compromising the design’s quality, you can go for this free version. Still, you get the dynamic attractive elements and charts to make the interactions easier. The only thing you will miss in this free version is changing the color scheme and the (footer) settings. Since the code is flexible enough for customizations, you can do it manually by yourself.

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue

This free version gives you the same fast and smooth loading responsive admin template. As a trade-off for the free version, you get only a few features and customization options. But you still get the quality code in the free version, hence you can manually add the elements you want. If your needs are limited and have the resources to build an admin dashboard from this template, you can go for the free version. As your demand grows, you can anytime upgrade to the premium version mentioned above.

Cool Admin

Cool admin is a stylish and colorful admin template. Each element in the admin dashboard is made bigger so that the users on small screen devices can interact with it easily. Charts are used to visualize the data and show the chart’s accurate value visual effects. All the user have to do is to hover the mouse pointer over the chart. Gradient color scheme is used for the charts, which looks attractive and at the same time, it did not hinder the reading.

At the top bar, you have the space to add search bar notification icons and user details. The profile settings are shown as a drop-down option. The left sidebar acts as a navigation menu bar and also gives you the space to add your logo. This template provides you with all the elements you need to create an effective dashboard.


Kiaalap is a material design based dashboard template with a neat layout. The biggest advantage of the material design you get a fluid interface across all types of major devices. Since we are seeing templates for multi-device users, this template is the one you have to take a look. With this template, three dashboard variations are given. Each variation has slightly different elements. Speaking of elements, this template includes all the regular elements, charts, and forms. Most free responsive Bootstrap admin templates will restrict the number of elements to make you upgrade, but this template includes all the elements you need.

Visual effects are kept mild and simple so that the dashboard opens easily in the small screen devices. For charts, interactive hover effects are used to show the correct value to the users. Another unique feature of this template is the integrated free chat tool, Tawkto. All you have to do is to finish the setup and start interacting with the users. Apart from the dashboard navigation options you also have website page navigation option at the top bar, to drive traffic to your web pages.


If you are making a dashboard for realtors, salespersons, and marketers, this template is the best option. With this responsive template, the people can see their performance and tasks on the go. All the widgets are made big so that the users can see the details neatly and interact easily. Live stats bars and to-do lists are also provided in the dashboard to improve employees’ productivity.

All the navigation options are shown on the left sidebar, which can also be shrunk to better look at the main content area. Notifications and reminders are shown at the top bar to stay updated about their new tasks and assignments. User profile options are shown in the drop-down menu. With this properly organized template, the users can easily increase their productivity and concentrate on their tasks and goals. As this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework, you can integrate this template with the modern tools without any worries.

Admin Pro

Adminpro is the one-stop solution for web application developers. This template gives you all the options and features you need to set up a user-friendly dashboard with seven dashboard variations. Both light and dark theme dashboards are given in the package. As the dark theme is becoming a trend among the users, you can use the dark theme design of the template.

All the variations have plenty of elements and charts to help you build an interactive dashboard. As this template uses the latest CSS3 framework, the colors are more natural and lively. On the modern high-resolution device screens, these colors look vibrant and attractive. Ample amount of space is given between each element to show multiple contents in one place. Different navigation options are included in the template variations, based on your needs, select the one that fits you. Most FontAwesome icons are used in the templates, so you have plenty of well-optimized icons to choose from.


Nalika is the best dashboard template for the accounts and finance team of a company. Being in the accounts, people need to handle lots of stats and values. With this template, users can visualize the stats and can have a clear data insight. The template includes three dashboard design, with different elements. With this template, you get plenty of basic elements and charts, so you needn’t worry about making one unless you have any special need. A dark theme is followed throughout the template, which makes the widgets clear and distinct.

A big calendar widget is given to help you neatly organize your schedules. This template also gives you the option to add social media profile links along with a space to add a profile image. A search bar is also given at the top to help the user find the files and sheets easily. Overall the Nalika is a well-thought-out template with flexible design.

SRT Dashboard

SRT dashboard is almost similar to the Kiaalap template mentioned above, except this one is more colorful. Primarily this template is designed for the cryptocurrency websites and web applications. This template also includes some unique elements for the cryptocurrency niche. For example, a currency converter and live value widget to show the market condition. As this is an HTML template, you have to take care of the backend integration to make elements fully functional.

To let the user make use of the full-screen space, you have the full-page view option in this template. You can also completely hide the navigation bar to have a clear view of the widgets. At the top bar, you can show the dashboard page breadcrumbs so that the user can easily jump back to the page they like. Since you have to deal with multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time, different color schemes are used for the charts to neatly differentiate the values.


Notika is a fresh looking admin dashboard template. With the material design and new icons, this template gives a clean look to the dashboard. This template follows a tabbed interface so you might need to work on the navigation part on the mobile view. Each tab has its own unique elements and also gives you the option to list the subcategory under each category. This template also gives you the free chat tool, Twakto. If you are making this template for your customers, then the user can get the direct chat support via the integrated chat tool. As many companies are adopting chatbots to help their customers with basic inquiries, this chat tool will come in handy for many companies. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework so you can easily integrate this template with other tools without any issue.


Jeweler is the light theme version of the nalika template mentioned above. With this eCommerce admin dashboard template, the user can have a quick overview of their sales and the product stock. Icons are used to show the navigation menu options in the minimized bar, and the transition effects are smooth. Throughout the template, the effects are kept simple and clean so that it won’t take long to load. Font awesome icons are used mostly in this template, so you have plenty of icons to choose for almost all major categories. The creator of this template has shared the file directly with you so you can customize it to the way you want.


Adminator is a perfect business style professional admin template. With colorful minimal design, this template helps the user to control the activity easily. The dashboard is made big enough to accommodate all the elements to improve the productivity. To make this template less obtrusive in your workflow, the animation effects are used only at the required spot. The clean white design of this template makes the dashboard elements and texts to look clear and easy to interact. The elements you get with this template are email, calendar, chats, forms, and many more. To give you even better look at the data the creator of this template given the option to collapse the side navigation bar. The charts are made responsive, so the user can interact via both the mouse pointer and the touchscreen devices.


The default design of this template makes it the best option for digital marketers and solopreneurs. In the dashboard, you have the widgets to show the traffic details and social media profile details. The boxy widgets are made big enough to show the stats and other data clearly. If you are a heavy tweeter, this template has a built-in tweet box. From the dashboard itself, you can send your tweets. All you have to do is to integrate this template with the Twitter application programming interface (API). Talking about the coding, this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with industrial code standard. So the developers will find it easy to work with this template. This template also allows you to shrink the navigation menu bar to better look at the dashboard details.


ElaAdmin is a minimal website template. The default design of this template makes it a perfect fit for the eCommerce store owners. Depth and shadow effects are used effectively to differentiate the dashboard elements from the background. Small blinking dots at the top right corner gently reminds us of the new notifications. Font awesome icons are used to indicate the type of the widget elegantly. The icons are also customized a bit to match the overall design of this template. Apart from the dashboard settings, this template also provides you the option to include contact information. If you are planning to this template for a web application, giving the contact details right inside the dashboard will help the user get assistance easily. Like all other free responsive bootstrap admin templates in this list, this one also has a friendly code structure, which will make the customizations easier.



Gentelella is a content-rich dashboard template. The designer of this template gave us plenty of space to add text contents and widgets to add charts. Green and red text colors are used to indicate the stats value changes easily to the users. Visual effects are added to the charts to give interactive and haptic feedback when the user hovers the mouse over the charts. The best part with this template is it gives you three dashboard variations. It is always rare to find different variations in the free templates.

On the left sidebar, you have the option to add navigation menus and in the footer, you have the space to add dashboard settings and log out options. All the settings options in this template are just for demo purpose, you have to manually work on it to make Gentelella a full working dashboard. Overall, Gentelella is one of the best free responsive bootstrap admin templates with a sensible design.

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is simple and easy-to-use dashboard template. Individual options are given for each widget to pick what they want to do and concentrate on what matters the most to them. This template’s light and clean layout make the element look crisp and sharp, which is very important on a responsive design. Since the screen space is smaller on hand-held devices, free responsive bootstrap admin templates like this will deliver a buttery smooth experience. Mostly FontAwesome icons are used in this design; therefore, you get a wide variety of compatible icons with all major browsers and devices.

Shards Dashboard Lite

Shards Dashboard Lite is purely designed by understanding the professional users’ mindset. Sleek animations make the interactions easier with the dashboard elements. Users can easily see data information by simply moving the cursor. If your users will handle lots of data, this dashboard template will come in handy for you. Since this template is made using the latest bootstrap framework, you can make responsive designs easily. The default dashboard has elements for blog and content related purposes. Therefore you can use this template as such for your content team.

Now UI


Now UI is a free responsive bootstrap admin template with lots of interactive elements. Since this template uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, it can handle all elements easily on small screen devices. Users can tap and see the graph & chart values on the mobile screen. If your admin panel needs to handle loads of data, this template will be a good choice. Admins can access the information easily on the go. The entire code script used to make this design is given in the download file, so you can easily edit the template as per your requirement.


Metis is a full potential dashboard template, which you can use as a base to create your custom website template. With this template, you get fifteen plus layout variations. If you are a developer you will find this template extremely useful to work with. This doesn’t give you a visually striking design but gives you a feature-rich template. This template also gives you the elements and charts needed to create an effective dashboard along with the layout option. Login forms and user signup forms are also given in this template. All you have to do is to take the design you want and start working with that design. Latest Bootstrap and HTML version is used in this template, so even beginners will find easy to work in this template.

NGX Admin

If you search for a next-gen admin design, this template is the best one for you, just like the Metis template mentioned above this template also gives you different variations in its design. In this template, you get variations in both CSS skins and variations. All the variations are modern and attractive, which you can even use in mobile applications. The creator of this template even given us the RTL version, if you are making a template for RTL languages this option could help you. To match the creative design of this template the fonts are also chosen with care. The texts are stylish and, at the same time, maintains readability. On the other hand, visual effects are very minimal and are used only at the required spot.

iView Admin

iView is another professional admin template for webmasters. The designer of this template has taken even small elements under consideration when it comes to design. This pixel perfect design is matched with the well-written codebase to bring this beautiful template to life. All the settings and control options are placed in the borders and the content area is used only for the widgets. So the users will have a distraction-free environment in your dashboard. Font awesome icons are tweaked a little to match the overall design of the template. Since this template uses font awesome icons, you have plenty of icons to choose from when customizing this template. The full page view is functional in this template to have users better view on the stats value and other widgets on the dashboard.

Vue Admin

Vue Admin, as the name implies the creator of this template uses vue.JS to make this template. Again this template gives you all the options to create an effective dashboard. By keeping this template as a base, you can create your custom template. This template gives you tables, forms, and charts to add in this template. The navigation menu icons can be completely hidden behind the hamburger menu bar, icons are used to indicate the options. CSS work of this template is very neat. This template uses the latest CSS3 framework so you can add more lively colors and effects to this template without any worries.


Acen is a flat style classic-looking admin template. The solid flat colors of this template help you to differentiate the elements. Animation effects are kept smart in this template, it is used only in the necessary spot and it is less obtrusive. For example, when you get a new message, the message icons jump a few times to notify you and stay quiet. Another advantage of this template is the skin option Out of the box, this template supports four light color schemes and eight layout options. The creator of this template also given you plenty of elements and chart options to choose from At the top bar, you have the option to show the page breadcrumbs to notify the path and a search bar easily.


CoPilot is a big bold admin template. The big widgets utilize the full-width design of the template. Main dashboard area itself is responsive, it contracts and expands neatly when you close and open the navigation options Other pages you get with this template are 404 page and login page. Visual effects are used only at the loading and rest of the time it remains ideal. Repetitive animation effects will annoy when the user stays for a longer time in the dashboard. The creator of this template has thought about it kept the results mild and simple. Just like in the WordPress dashboard, this template also shows alert messages and internal notifications.

Django JET

Bootstrap Admin Templates Free Download

Django JET is a freemium-style template. If you are a developer, you can use the free version because you only get technical support in the premium version. This template is packed with many customization features and some of them are unique. Most of the features given in this template are in complete working condition to save some of your time. The creator of this template even gives you the option to choose the widgets you want and add them directly into the dashboard. Just like the Charisma template, this one also gives dismissable widgets. Six color schemes are presented in this template, but you don’t get any layout options. Since it is a freemium template, the elements are also very limited in the free version.

D2 Admin

D2 Admin is a simple and clean-looking admin template. With the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework the developer of this template gave us a base. To give you more freedom in customization, the creator gives you a plenty of options. At the top bar, you have the control options like the full-screen view, account settings, and skin selection. Out of the box, this template is packed with four background variations. The skin concept is almost similar to the Gmail web application. You can even let the user select their background image to give a personalized touch. Overall the D2 Admin is a fully-featured and flexible dashboard template, you can use this as a base to create your custom template.

Sim Dash

Sim Dash is a bold-looking admin template with chunky borders. Thick borders are used to control settings and other related options. The template’s flat style design gives a modern look and if your existing website template follows the same flat style design, this template is the best option. This template also allows you to close a widget after completing your task. Giving a undo option would be great because sometimes the user may accidentally close the widgets. Still, the user can get the widget from the menu, but giving a undo option will save some extra clicks. The design of this template is clean and let the user see what they want. Shadow effects are used to differentiate the widgets from the overall flat design.


Arbano is from the same creators of the Sim Dash template mentioned above. It is a freemium version in which you get the light skin design alone. After the release of macOS Mojave, most web applications will be adopting dark mode. If you want dark skin in this template, you have to go for the premium version or work on the CSS file yourself. Animation effects are simple and are used only at the required spots. Font awesome icons are used throughout the template. Even if you customize this template, you have plenty of Font Awesome icons to choose from. Like all other freemium versions, this template also limits the elements you get with this template. In the free version, you get only a few basic elements.

Basix Admin

This template best suits the developer. The creator of this template has shared his work in Github. By using the code shared you have to develop your custom dashboard. This template is also available in the premium version for general users. Light and dark versions are given in this template. Except for the skins both the template versions are similar. The main dashboard itself is made responsive, all the widgets in the dashboard adjust automatically when the sidebar opens. Since it is a premium template by default, all the base aspects of optimizations are done. Elements used are also shared in Github, which you can use for your custom admin template. Therefore it is one of the best free responsive bootstrap admin templates that developers can easily work with.


Shoppy, as the implies this admin template is designed for fashion stores and ecommerce websites. With the neat clean dashboard, this template gives us enough room to add all our widgets. The dashboard is also made long enough to add big content blocks to get an overview of their account at a glance. Since this template is designed for the online store, you also get e-commerce related elements with this template At the top bar, you have the space to add search options, notification icons, and profile picture Below the profile picture, drop-down options are used to show the account settings. If you are looking for free responsive bootstrap admin templates to power your eCommerce store dashboard, this is the best option for you.

Dashboard Design with Flexbox

This design gives you only the skin ideas. If you are planning to revamp your dashboard design, this example will give you some ideas. Only the flex boxes and a few other elements are functional in this design. You have to work your way if you are planning to use this code snippet. The code script is dead simple, just like its design. You can easily understand the code function at a glance. Since the code snippet is shared with you on the CodePen editor, you can edit the code on the editor and see whether you can make your dream dashboard in this design.

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